Colorista Markers

The Colorista Dual-Tip Marker has been specifically designed for filling in small spaces. Its unique fine and super-fine nib combination is perfectly suited for accurate, detailed colouring. Something you’ll appreciate if you’re a convert to the recent adult colouring phenomenon!

The alcohol ink inside Colorista markers is Spectrum Noir’s usual high quality, there’s just slightly less because you don’t need as much. But they offer the exact same smooth coverage and blending ability you’ll find in our original alcohol markers, so they’re another great introduction to this exciting medium.

You can use Colorista Markers’ vibrant colours to create a really seamless finish you just can’t achieve with any other type of pen of pencil. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try overlaying the colours to add a whole new dimension of depth and shade.

Available in a handy range of 5 pen sets, to suit your mood or style.