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Colouring With Green

In this tutorial I will be colouring with green.  One of my favorite green blends uses colours from the JG and LG colour families. This blend will go great with all your St. Patrick’s Day projects.

To create this blend I will be using JG6, JG5 and LG5.

Creating the green blend

To start the blend I used JG6. I applied this color in the areas of the unicorn’s legs that would be in the shadows. The bottom portions and the back of the leg area.

Next, I came in with the JG5. I slightly overlapped this colour with the JG6 and extended it further into the leg area, being sure to leave space for the final colour in the blend.

With the LG5 I started in white space remaining from the last step and extended the colour all the way back over the previous two colours. This really helps give a nice even blend.

It also brightens up the JG colours a little bit.

Continue colouring with green

I repeated the steps again for the body and face of the unicorn.

To colour the nose I used LG5 around the outside portion, leaving the center white.

I filled in the rest of the nose with LG4.


As a final touch, I took the Blender pen and added some dots to the darkest areas of the unicorn. This just adds a little more texture to the image.

I finished coloring the image and added some Crystal Clear Sparkle Pen over the mane, tail and rainbow.

Tutorial credit: Mari Kocjancic

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Additional Supplies Used:

Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers: GY5 GY4 GY1 TB9 TB8 TB6 LV2 PL4 HB2 GB6 CT4 CT1
Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers: Red Violet, Peacock Blue, Scarlet, Bud Green, Sunflower, Orange

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