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2nd Nov

Undertone Skin Coloring

  • Posted by: on 2nd Nov 2012 at 9:00am

I am going to share how I achieve a green undertone with pale skin coloring on Flora from the Toread line.  This is another fun way to color skin on many stamps that portray a mythical fantasy-like image. You can easily achieve the effect with just a few markers. The markers you need for this tutorial - Read full post [...]

1st Nov

Color Focus: Turquoises

Have you been following our in-depth look at how to color a complete image with one set of six pens? Next in the series of Color Focus tutorials is the Turquoises set of pens. Make sure you have a look at the other tutorials in this series: Yellows, Purples, Warm Greys, and Browns.  All of the tutorials - Read full post [...]

5th Oct

Creating a Camouflage Effect

  • Posted by: on 5th Oct 2012 at 9:00am

I would like to share a very easy tutorial for creating a camouflage effect on clothing.  This is really quick to do and you can change the colors to suit your project. The stamp I am using is ‘Xeru’.  He is one of the brand new Toread stamps available from Crafter’s Companion (both US and - Read full post [...]