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17th Apr

Color Combo wheel

As colorists we all have our go to and favorite color combos. I used to have lots of bits of paper and sticky notes with the combos written on them… until I decided to come up with a better way. I created a wheel where you can jot down your favorite combos and also sometimes - Read full post [...]

9th Feb

Spectrum Aqua: Color Charts & a Video

Spectrum Aqua are the newest addition to the Spectrum Noir coloring family! These water-based artist’s markers are available in 48 colors, split into four color-themed packs of twelve. Each Spectrum Aqua Marker is dual-tipped – at one end, there’s a soft brush nib for flexible line control and a more natural art surface feel. And - Read full post [...]

4th Apr

Spectrum Noir Color Charts

We often get asked which markers come in certain sets. In addition to the downloadable blank and colored charts on our downloads page, we have created a page so that each color family can be easily seen! Visit our comprehensive Color Charts page to take a look at which six markers are in each core - Read full post [...]

22nd Oct

New Color Charts

We recently announced changes to our Spectrum Noir markers (read all about it here, if you missed the announcement).  We have also updated our color charts!   We’ve made the chart hexagonal in design, to reflect to the new barrel shape!  And you will notice we have grouped the color families together as well.  Here - Read full post [...]

19th Nov

Tools of the Trade

  • Posted by: on 19th Nov 2012 at 9:00am

I wanted to share two items that are always with me when I am coloring with my Spectrum Noir Markers.  They are invaluable tools of the trade and if you don’t all ready use them you will want to read more. The first one is a Spectrum Noir Color Chart.  They come colored and blank - Read full post [...]

25th Sep

Skin Tones Chart

  • Posted by: on 25th Sep 2012 at 9:00am

We are often asked what our favorite, or most frequently used, skin tone combinations are. I have created this chart to share a few of mine with you.  I colored six of the same images, each with a different set of four markers.   For easy reference, you can download a copy of this chart to - Read full post [...]