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14th Mar

Watercolour with AquaTint Inks

AquaTint inks are a fun and alternative way to colour your images! This tutorial will focus on how to use them like watercolour paints, which is an easy and on-trend technique for creating art. Use this technique to create a full background for your art or use it to create custom-coloured designs for small pieces - Read full post [...]

16th Feb

Adding shimmer to embossed backgrounds

Create a shimmer background This tutorial will focus on how to add shimmer to embossed backgrounds with Spectrum Noir AquaTint inks. Gather your supplies First, get all of the supplies you nee din one place, to make crafting easy! You will need Gold or Silver AquaTint inks to recreate this project. In addition to this - Read full post [...]

2nd Jan

Creating Shimmer Sprays with AquaTint Inks

Stretching your craft supplies is always a great idea… everyone loves ideas to use things in an unexpected way! This video tutorial will share how to create shimmer sprays. Tip: swap out the Christmas sentiment for a generic winter one and use these throughout the colder months! Watch the video below showing how I make - Read full post [...]

22nd Dec

Making Plaid Backgrounds with AquaTints

I wanted to share a really fun and easy technique for making backgrounds. Plaid patterns are very on trend at the moment and I keep seeing them everywhere. Making them yourself is super easy, and adding the metallics from the Essential sets makes them a bit dressed up. Perfect for the holidays. If you want - Read full post [...]

21st Dec

Christmas Ornament Using AquaTint Inks

The Christmas is almost upon us and there is nothing more special than receiving a present that shows attitude and personal touch. That’s why I offer you to make a traditional Christmas tree ornament by using your Specrum Noir AquaTint Inks. The theme is snowy winter night because of how much I like the color - Read full post [...]

14th Sep

Creating a Night Sky with AquaTints

Night skies and all things outer space are quite popular in crafting at the moment. Creating a night sky/galaxy can seem a bit daunting, but it really is easy and fun! I have found that Spectrum Noir AquaTint inks are one of the best mediums to use for this technique, along with good watercolor card - Read full post [...]

6th Sep

Depth and Highlights

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add a little depth and highlight to your colored image using two other mediums! You can really take your coloring to the next level by adding a bit of colored pencil shading on top of your markers, and then adding a bit of AquaTint ink. Start by completely - Read full post [...]

29th Jul

Sparkling AquaTint backgrounds

Making custom backgrounds is so trendy right now in papercrafting – we’ve been showcasing different ways to make your background unique all week here on our site. This tutorial will show you another fun option to try! One big advantage with using liquid inks like the AquaTints is that you are able to mix it - Read full post [...]

27th Jul

How To Make A Custom Stencil

I find out that almost every time when I’m starting a new project I also need to create something especially for it. That’s how I thought of making my own custom stencil and I’m going to share it with you. Step 1: You have to create a pattern with your dies- chose the size of - Read full post [...]

20th Jul

Create a Background with Shaving Cream & AquaTint Inks

Did you know you could make a card using Spectrum Noir Aquatints and some shaving foam? This tutorial will show you how I use the technique to create a quick and easy card. First up, I sprayed some shaving foam onto my craft sheet and smoothed it out to make the surface even. Next I - Read full post [...]