Cara Caswell

Name: Cara Caswell

From: South Yorkshire - UK

Blog address:

When did you first start drawing/experimenting with inks/ crafting? I’ve been crafty all my life really but started crafting when I saw Sara on Create and Craft with the Enveloper - I didn’t make cards but knew I wanted to make those envelopes!!

What made you start? Seeing Sara on Create and Craft!

Are you a full-time artist or is this a hobby that you love to do? I work full time as a Civil Servant so crafting is a hobby, though I would dearly love it to be a full time job!

What inspires your art? Anything and everything really but mostly I would say seasons

What’s your top tip for marker art/lettering/alcohol inks? My top tip would just be to play play play

What is your favourite Spectrum Noir product? The original Markers of course

Which Spectember theme/prompt have you chosen and why? I chose “3 colours only” as this is an amazing way of getting to know your markers, it challenges you to play and learn about light and shade, layering and blending. It’s a fantastic way for new starters and seasoned artists to get to know the product they are working with and it’s something I do regularly.
I also chose “Autumn vibes” as autumn is my favourite season - the colours are so deep and rich not to mention there’s also Halloween in there!

When did you start working on the Spectrum Noir design team? I started in February 2017