Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils Techniques CD-ROM

On the Intermediate Spectrum Noir DVD, Leann introduced the Spectrum Noir blendable pencils. On this tutorial CD, she’ll guide you on the next part of your pencil coloring journey, teaching you new and exciting techniques! You’ll also find a photo gallery of samples, designed to inspire the colorist in you!

Techniques covered:

Coloring onto dark card
Learn how to color onto dark card using a simple and easy technique with white pigment ink. The results are stunning!

Creating an Ombre
Create a beautiful kaleidoscope effect by using your pencils to softly blend together three different colors.

Using Gesso on Kraft Card
Learn how to create a beautiful soft whitewashed effect on Kraft card using white gesso as a base layer for your pencil coloring.

Coloring on Vellum and Parchment
Leann shares a couple of simple tricks for coloring onto parchment and vellum. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be!

Resist Technique
Learn how to frame our colored work using soft water-colored backgrounds. It’s a really easy technique, but the results are amazing!

Enhancing Alcohol Markers
You’ll be amazed by the difference that pencil work can make to your Spectrum Noir marker coloring. This is one of our favorite techniques!

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