ArtLiner Pens

ArtLiner is a range of fine line pens for sketching, outlining and colouring fine detail. They come in various colours and line widths, along with a fine brush point that’s perfect for creating beautiful hand-drawn lettering...

Each ArtLiner pen is filled with high quality ink that’s been specially sourced from Japan - resulting in a silky smooth feel, with even coverage and pin-sharp accuracy wherever you need it.

ArtLiners are completely smudge proof with alcohol ink, so will give you perfectly crisp, detailed outlines when illustrating with markers. Whilst their artist's grade micro-pigments ensure outstanding light-fastness, for colour that won’t fade.

They come in black and neutral tones that are ideal for outlining and shading, as well as a small selection of primary and secondary colours.

If you'd like to try hand-drawn lettering with ArtLiner, there's also an informative and easy to follow DVD that will show you how. To go along with this, we've created a set of specially designed hand-lettering stamps to practice with. So you’ll soon pick up the basics and be enjoying this fun creative hobby!

ArtLiners come in 005, 01, 03, 05, 08 line widths, along with a brush point in a selection of colours and sets.