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Snow Leopard Tutorial

Spectrum Noir regular Liara Crane shows you how to re-create this beautiful snow leopard with our brush-tipped Illustrator marker. You’ll find more of Liara’s work on our gallery pages, be sure to take a look. You can also visit her website here:  Stage One Start by blending the colours under the spots. Blending works

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Cowboy Tutorial

Stage One Draw your chosen subject onto bleed proof marker paper. If possible, use a light-box to trace the image (don't consider tracing as 'cheating'!!! Most professionals do it, it saves time and ensures an accurate likeness). Use an H pencil, nothing too soft that might smear. After drawing, it's an idea to gently go

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Know Your Art Surfaces

All colour media need the right art surface to perform properly, and this is certainly the case with alcohol markers. Alcohol ink is extremely versatile in that it is ‘permanent’. This doesn’t mean it will last forever, but it does mean it can be applied to quite a wide range of materials (such as glass,

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Blending and Shading

Alcohol markers have a quite unique ability to be layered and blended in a way most colour media simply can’t manage. Try mastering the basic techniques below, and you’ll soon be sketching and rendering like a pro… Overlaying to Create Depth Because dye-based marker ink is slightly translucent, the more layers of a single colour

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The Anatomy of a Marker

If you’ve never tried alcohol markers before, you’ll soon see why they’re the tool of choice for hand-sketching. They’re easy to pick up and grab, and no other medium is quite so good at putting down smooth, perfectly even colour. Alcohol marker inks are dye-based and translucent, so they can be overlaid and will blend together

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