AquaTint Brush Pens

AquaTint brush pens are filled with bright water-soluble dye-based ink, dispensed through a fine nylon brush. Their colours can be applied as accurately or freely as you want, then blended out with water for an amazing result every time.

Anyone who enjoys creating mixed media art or who wants to try their hand at messy crafting now can! AquaTint Brush Pens are perfect for creating a ‘controlled mess’. Colours can be accurately and cleanly dispensed... then manipulated and blended just as desired, resulting in a whole wide array of stunning patterns and colourful effects.

AquaTint’s high-grade dyes deliver bright, flawless colour that will react and disperse perfectly with water. Each pen’s quality brush nib has been carefully crafted to deliver smooth, stable ink-flow that won’t spurt or bleed.

AquaTint’s amazing effects don’t just work alone - the colours are matched to our existing and ever-popular Sparkle Glitter range!

AquaTint brush pens will be available in the UK & Europe from 4th April, and in the US from 2nd May.

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