About the AquaBlend pencils

The AquaBlend by Spectrum Noir range

AquaBlend is our new range of watercolour pencils that are perfect for colouring, sketching and illustration, whether you’re a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional artist. Each pencil is fully loaded with pure artist’s grade pigment, allowing for flawless colour laydown! The pencils are encased in matte coated Californian cedar wood.

AquaBlend by Spectrum Noir sets
About the AquaBlend by Spectrum Noir pencils

– They have a soft, thick 4mm lead for flawless colour laydown and effortless blending when wet
– The pure high-quality pigment allows for fantastic blending and coverage
– The pencils can be used on dry paper, then washed over with water for an immediate blended effect
– Alternatively, for more intense colour, apply to wetted paper, or wet the pencil tip directly
– They can be for colouring, sketching and illustration

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