Accreditation Program FAQ


What is the accreditation program?

The accreditation program is designed to help our customers learn to use the products.

We provide tutorials, videos, color-a-longs for you to practice your coloring skills. After you have practiced these tasks, you have the option of taking a coloring test and submitting it to our education staff. Our staff will look over your work and determine if you have successfully learned the basic coloring techniques required as part of our program. If you have not successfully learned these techniques, our staff will send suggestions on how to improve and ask you to resubmit.

Where are the videos located?

See all of our Accreditation Videos on our Videos Page.

Where are the tutorials located?

Our design team is continuously creating tutorials, step outs and color suggestions on our blog. You can do a search for a specific topic and all posts containing information on that subject will appear.

What is a color-a-long and where do I find them?

A color-a-long is a step by step instruction sheet with colored pictures for coloring specific Crafter’s Companion stamped images.
These color-a-longs will have a watermarked or partial image for you to practice on with a link on where to purchase the complete image.

Color-A-Longs are found in the downloads section of the Spectrum Noir web site.

Why become accredited?

Being an accredited colorist gives you the pride of knowing that you have passed all of the basic techniques required by the Spectrum Noir program. You will have a certificate to display as well as blinkies (animated gifs) for your blog. Many establishments will give an accredited colorist priority for teaching, demoing and advertising opportunities. Several design teams prefer that their team members have industry accomplishments such as the Spectrum Noir accreditation.

Does being an accredited INSTRUCTOR mean we work for Spectrum Noir or Crafter’s Companion?

No, being accredited gives you backing that we have approved your coloring skills, teaching techniques, product knowledge and have trained or verified your teaching experience. This program is to assist you in correctly teaching your students how to use the products and product information.

Your name will be listed on our website under available instructors, categorized by geographical area. You may be asked by Crafter’s Companion or one of our vendors to assist at a specific venue, event or class. However, you are not an employee of Crafter’s Companion. You are encouraged to ask our staff if we can provide tutorials or other educational tools to be used in class. We do not provide free markers to instructors. Instructors are to supply their own products, schedule their own classes, negotiate and collect payment paid to themselves. We will have a section for large events to be mentioned on our website, as well as a listing of where customers can contact you for class schedules. (this feature is coming soon). Our staff will assist you as much as possible in advertising your classes.