About the Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils range

The Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils range are an exciting addition to the Spectrum Noir family, with 120 pencils in total, divided into five 24-set pencil collections, along with accessories to help you get the most from your Spectrum Noir coloring. These wax-based, blendable pencils are perfect for coloring lovers everywhere. Used on their own or combined with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, a whole range of coloring possibilities can be achieved!

Blendable Pencils sets

There are two core (‘Essentials’ and ‘Primaries’) and three themed sets (‘Marine’, ‘Floral’ and ‘Nature’) in the Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils collection. All of the pencil sets have been designed to come in groups of three color families, just like the Spectrum Noir alcohol markers – a light, a medium and a dark. This has been done specifically to enable the user to perfect light and shade techniques in their color work. The pigment in these wax-based blendable pencils is thick and rich, cased in comfortable luxe matte black hardwood. Our unique formulation allows for intense and soft color from the same pencil.

The Essentials set of Spectrum Noir blendable pencils are just that – the essential colors that will get used over and over again. This set contains a beautiful collection of both soft and vivid tones that can be used to color in a wide variety of images.

The Primaries set contains a comprehensive selection of not only the primary tones of the color spectrum, but also a variety of additional colors that you will find yourself using most often to complement these core colors.

What can I create with Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils?

Whether you’re a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional artist, these premium pencils are ideal for all your creative work, from quick sketches to intricate details. If you’re looking for extra inspiration, don’t miss the Spectrum Noir blog which is packed full of tutorials, step-by-steps and finished card samples. Click here to visit the blog now.

About the Blendable Pencils

– They have a soft lead for seamless blending and shading techniques
– They have a unique formulation that allows for both intense and soft color from the same pencil
– They have a high pigmentation and vibrancy of color
– They work with Spectrum Noir markers to add an extra layer of dimension and make artwork pop
– Use with the various accessories or just layer colors for a wide range of results
– They are waterproof