About the Spectrum Noir Alcohol Marker Range

Spectrum Noir is a range of 168 double-ended alcohol ink markers. With a broad chisel nib for large area fills and a fine bullet tip for detailed work, these markers are perfect for every papercrafting project. There is also an interchangeable brush tip nib, available separately, which can be used in place of the chisel nib to create some gorgeous effects.

The numbers on the end of each Spectrum Noir marker indicate how intense or dark the color is. The numbering system was made for very easy understanding: 1 is very pale, 2 is a bit more intense/dark and 10 is much more intense/dark. The letters on the end of the marker specify the color tone family the marker belongs to. For example, CT = Citrus Yellow, TN = Tan, CR = Coral Red, CG = Citrus Green and so on.

Six-marker sets

The Spectrum Noir range consists of 168 alcohol markers. The core set of seventy-two markers is divided up into twelve color families, each containing six markers per set. Each package contains pre-matched color tone families with three ‘warm’ tones and three ‘cool’ tones, allowing for several blending possibilities. There are no duplicate pens across the six-marker sets. See a closer look at what markers are in each set by clicking here.

Twenty-four marker sets

There are also four sets of twenty-four markers, to round out the 168 pens – Pastels, Lights, Brights and Darks. These sets have been designed to add to the core collection to increase the color spectrum. They will add darker and lighter colors to the color choices provided in the six-marker sets, as well as filling in some in-between colors. Again, no color is duplicated in any of these four twenty-four marker sets. Note: The twenty-four marker sets do not contain any blending partners, as they were made to complement or be added to the core set of seventy-two markers. See a closer look at what markers are in each set by clicking here.

What can I create with Spectrum Noir markers?

Spectrum Noir markers allow even beginner colorists to achieve professional looking results! If you’re looking for extra inspiration, don’t miss the Spectrum Noir blog which is packed full of tutorials, step-by-steps and finished card samples. Click here to visit the blog now.

Why are Spectrum Noir markers so unique?


– You can achieve professional results every time with effortless blending and color matching
– They’re available in tonal color sets for easy shading
– They have fast-drying ink for smooth and effective work
– The pens are non-toxic and safe to use
– The markers have an ergonomic hexagonal barrel design for greater comfort when coloring
– Each marker has a unique, no slip rubberized grip
– You can refill your markers once the ink has been used
– The marker caps are double-layered for extended time between refills