Tracey Pinnington (Autumn Vibes)

Pastel Cupcakes 1

• Metallic Inks
Colours used - Green Citrine, Aged Copper, Goldplate

• Materials
SN Water colour paper (from the pad, 300gsm) SN Water brush (3 piece set) Thinest brush used

HINT - Always keep a few cocktail sticks in your craft collection. These come in handy for mixing up any pigment that has settled in the bottom of the pot that hasn't come loose after shaking. (Make sure the lids are on securely before you shake them)

Step 1:
Start with green citrine to create the ghosted branches and leaves in the background.
Begin by squeezing some water onto your brush tip (hold it over some tissue to do this), dip just the very tip into your green ink and then paint on some thin lines for the branches, you don't want too much pigment - think more water, less ink. The lines should be slightly thicker at the top (press a little heavier on your brush to begin with and as you pull it down the paper slowly lift it so that it tapers into a thin point at the end of your branch). Next paint some heart shaped leaves here and there along a few of the branches using the same colour. Dry the ink with a craft heater or hairdryer and rinse your brush so it is clean.

Step 2:
Once again squeeze some water on to your brush tip and then dip it into the aged copper ink. You'll need a little more pigment for the next branches as they will be in the foreground, so they'll need to be a little darker. Pant them using the same technique as before then finish by cleaning your brush and drying the branches you have just painted.

Step 3:
Paint on the rest of the leaves in rough heart shapes, first with just plain water and then drop some of your chosen pigment on to this and blend, you want some areas of the leaf to be dark and some areas lighter and mixing two of the colours together will help to give it texture and stop it looking flat. You can use all of your colours to create the leaves, it will give them a nice autumnal feel. Make some fainter than others and overlap different coloured leaves on some branches, making sure you dry each leaf before applying the next layer or your colours will run and you could end up with one large blob rather than a cluster of leaves.