Basic Pleats with Illustrator Markers

I just love the new Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers! This tutorial I will show you a simple technique for making pleats and shaded regions.

I will use two sets of three markers from the Vintage Blue and Brown Orange specter to color this image in a surprisingly interesting colour combination of orange and blue.

Gather your markers

This image has been coloured with:
Skin: Rose (FS1), Dusty Pink (FS2), Portrait Pink (FS3), Eggshell (FS8), Ivory (FS9), Pale Tan (TN1), Honeydew (TN2), Cream (FS6)
Hair: Green Grey 1 (GG1), Green Grey 2 (GG2), Green Grey 3 (GG3),Green Grey 5 (GG5), Honeydew (TN2)
Coat: Smoky Blue (VB1), Vintage Blue (VB2), True Blue (TB4), Ice Grey 2 (IG2);
Scarf: Vanilla (BO1), Mango (BO2), Green Grey 2 (GG2), Green Grey 3 (GG3), Green Grey 5 (GG5) Gold (GY3)
Fox: Dusty Pink (FS2), Eggshell (FS8), Ivory (FS9) Pale Tan (TN1), Honeydew (TN2), Green Grey 2 (GG2), Green Grey 3 (GG3), Green Grey 5 (GG5), Vanilla (BO1)

Create pleats on the Coat

If you are beginner it’s better to start with the widest portion of the image (here it is the coat). I usually go and cover it with the lightest shade – VB1.

It is just a basic coat so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

The next step is to mark the deepest/shadiest regions with the darkest shade – TB7.

Then I widen the shade with the middle color (VB2). The trick with this step is to blend in and out the three colours together.

And all that is left is to take the lightest shade and blend all together from outside to the inside of the pleat.

Colour the Scarf

The same four steps we can use for the scarf  with the lightest (BO1) – all over.

Marking the deepest regions with the darkest – BO3.

Blending them out with the middle shade – BO2.

And smoothing everything together with the first colour – BO1.

If you are not satisfied with the result yet you can repeat the final three steps over (and over) until you you like it or you can add some grays (here I used GG3 or GG5 on the scarf) to emphasize the shades.

Complete the image

Finish colouring as desired!

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Tutorial credit: Kalina Pavlova