Spectrum Noir blendable pencils accessories

To complement the Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils, there is a range of accessories, including blending solution, paper stumps and a sharpener, all designed to help you get the most from your coloring.

Blending solution

Our Spectrum Noir Blending Solution is a must for seamless, smooth blending results when working with the Spectrum Noir Professional Colouring Pencils. This is an odourless gamsol product that evaporates slowly for increased blending time.

Paper stumps

Create depth and add shading to coloured images using these Paper Stumps with your Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils and Blending Solution. They can be sanded after use to create a clean blending surface. The pack includes 5 sizes so you will always have the perfect option for your projects.

Paper sander

Refresh and clean your Spectrum Noir Paper Stumps using this sanding block. Rub the point of your Paper Stumps across the Spectrum Noir Sanding block to refresh, clean and create the perfect point for your blending needs.

Each Sander comes with approximately 10 tear off sheets of sand paper.

Pencil Sharpener

Precision sharpening for your Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils; create the perfect point, cleanly and smoothly. Compact and easy to transport with your pencil collection so you’ve always got it available for use.

When sharpening, be sure to turn the pencil sharpener around the tip of the pencil to sharpen vs. turning the pencil around in the sharpener. You’ll find that you waste less of the pencil during sharpening and the pencil lead is less prone to cracking or breaking when sharpened in this way.