Shiny Hair & Coloring with Pencils

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Hello to everyone. In this tutorial we will look at some step by step coloring, using your Spectrum Noir Markers.  We will then add detail to the image, with your Spectrum Noir  Blendable Pencils.

1 Skin pens

For this project a digital stamp from the ‘Tea for Three’ set by Mo Manning has been used. The image was printed onto Neenah Solar Classic Crest Card, using a draft print setting and left to dry before coloring.

The skin on the image was colored with Spectrum Noir Markers:

FS2 as a base for skin,
FS4 for cheeks and highlights,
TN2 for the shadow detail

The darker shades were blended using the lighter skin colors.

2 skin pencils

Further definition was added to the skin with Spectrum Noir Pencils:

09 and 29 for cheeks and highlights,
29 for lips, 85 and 107 for deep shadow, in neck, leg and arm creases.

These were blended using 06 and 01 to produce a smooth color gradient.

3dress pen

The dress and headband were colored with Spectrum Noir Marker – TB1, to give a light blue base.

4 dress pencil

Shadow and fold detail were added to the dress, with the use of Spectrum Noir Pencils: 70, 69, 65.

The darker color 70 was used to create the fold detail and blended out with 69 and 65, leaving the TB1 as the highlight areas.  The little heart on the apron was colored with the same shades.

5 apron and detail pen

Definition was given to the apron, socks, dress border and trim areas with the use of Spectrum Noir Marker – IG1.

6 apron and detail pencil shoes

To deepen the folds and make these areas ‘pop’ Spectrum Noir Pencils: 119 and 117 were used.

You can see the shape and flow of the material in this image. The shoes were colored using 119 and 120.

7 hair detail

Now onto the hair. To create shiny hair, start with a pale color layer or leave some areas uncolored for shine detail.

Spectrum Noir Marker GB1 was used for this.

hair finished

Spectrum Noir Pencils 96, 100 and 106 create the hair color. Bands of lighter color were left, to create shine and highlight detail.

The darker colors were used round the face, in the hair round the neck and headband blending towards areas of highlight, with the lighter shades. The flowers on the headband were colored using Spectrum Noir Pencils: 9, 29, 51.

Blending solution and paper stumps were used to blend the skin and dress fold color, to create an even color gradient. White Gel pen detail was added to the dress as spots and headband as pearls.

IMG_4877_zpse0cb88d3 (2)

This is the finished card.  I hope I have been able to provide some coloring guidance and inspiration.  Have fun and enjoy your coloring!

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