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Quick Background Around Your Image

In this tutorial I will show you a quick and easy way of making beautiful background around your colored images.


I chose this sweet little image from Tiddly Inks and I colored the skin (FS2, FS6, FS7) and hair (GB6, GB7, GB9).


The next steps are the clothes and the little hearts with (BT2, BT4, BT6) and (PP2, PP5, PP6).


When the image is ready we pick a cutting dye and adhere it with non-permanent tape.

This is very important step because we need the cutting dye to remain like that because it will help us to create an interesting white rim at the end. Be sure NOT to remove the dye from the image after we cut it out.


The next thing we need is a make-up sponge and some ink for the background. I scribbled some of the Sea Green Aqua Marker on an acetate sheet (as a palette) and then dabbed the sponge into the ink.

You can use some other not-quickly-drying ink like Distress as well.


Then with circular motion we apply the ink around the image and we can build up the intensity of the color by adding several layers or different inks as well.

The magic happens when we take the dye off because it gives nice and perfect white rim on the edge. You can experiment with some intricate and ornate dies for even more interesting results.

I put this little sweetie with some frames on a color box and with some embellishment it made a perfect way of giving a pretty girly present.



Tutorial credit: Kalina Pavlova

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