Mini Top-Hat Project

Hello to everyone. I am going to share one of my favorite construction projects with you and I hope that you will find this tutorial useful.

This is a mini top-hat has been constructed using the Crafter’s Companion Ultimate Pro Embossing Board – Ulti-Boxes.This hat is made from one A3 sheet of Centura Pearl Card – Snow White, Silver.  

You can color your cardstock, using your Spectrum Noir markers, in whatever shade you require.

From your A3 sheet of white Centura Pearl, measure and cut two rectangular shapes:

Larger: 24cm x 18cm      Smaller: 16cm x 12cm

Color both the rectangles using the Spectrum Noir marker of choice. For this project I used JG1 and colored the card on the pearl side. Place each rectangle in turn on the Ulti-Boxes Board, uncolored side facing you and pearl side to the board. 

To create the base of the hat emboss the card using the embossing tool using the outer largest oval on the board. I have also created a second rim for definition and a further embossed oval using the outside line for the smallest oval.

For the top of the hat place your smaller rectangle of card in the middle of the oval and emboss the card on the outside line of the smallest oval, this line is 11cm in length (top to bottom) and then emboss on the 14cm line. Cut out both of your oval shapes on the outside embossed line.

Cut the middle section of your larger oval into thin flaps, starting in the center and moving out toward the inner oval ring. Trim and neaten cutting as shown above, leaving enough edge to attach to the body of the hat.

Cut right up to the embossed line and fold the edges upward. This will make the rim of your hat.   

For the smaller oval, cut from the outer embossed rim to the central embossed ring and fold down on the embossing line. The top of your hat has now been formed and this should be the same size as the aperture you have created in your hat rim.

From the remaining A3 Centura Pearl cut a rectangle measuring 34cm x 12cm and color using your JG1 marker.  This strip makes the body of your hat.  

Using strong double-sided tape attach the ends of rectangle strip to make an oval shape 32cm x 12cm.

Place strong double sided tape round the top and bottom of your oval to attach the top and rim of your hat.

Remove the backing from one piece of double sided tap and slide the top piece of your hat inside the body oval and secure the flaps, using the double sided tape as shown above.

Remove the backing from the other piece of double-sided tape and place over the flaps you have created, on the rim of your hat and attach to the body of your creation. This makes your mini top-hat shape.

 You can decorate the inside or the outside of your hat, or both. The hats make fabulous containers and can be lined on the inside. This project is decorated on the outside and I have used an image from Aurora Wings, Clover Pixie, Shamrock Elf.

Spectrum Noir markers used:

Skin: FS2, FS4
Shamrocks: DG1, DG2, JG1
Clothes: CT1

Spectrum Noir Pencils used:
01, 02, 05, 06, 45, 47, 49, 87.

Mount the image onto your hat and decorate as required. For this project the mats and doily detail have also been color using JG1.  

I have used shamrock images to decorate the hat and these are colored using markers and pencils. in the same green shades as those listed for the main image. I hope that you find this tutorial useful.

Tips for using embossing board:

— You may find it useful to rub a tumble dryer sheet on the side of the card facing you. This will aid your embossing tool in sliding over the card.

— Use masking tape to hold your card in place on your board, to prevent your card from slipping.

5 thoughts on “Mini Top-Hat Project

  1. Can I ask, should the measurements be CM not MM as 24mm is under 1 inch so that would not be big enough to cut the ovals from?

    also 34cm would not fit on a A4 sheet (that is what you would have left after cutting the two ovals) so would you not need 1 A3 sheet and 1 A5 (half a A4) to make the hat.

    maybe I just need to get some cheap paper and test.


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