Maya Isaksson (Show Us Your Sparkle)

Pastel Cupcakes 1

You Will Need:

Sparkle pens used in this project: Moonlight, Sage, Starry Sky, Ocean Wave
Watercolour Card

The Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens are perfect for bold glittery backgrounds, they are super pigmented and sparkly.
To achieve the background use watercolor paper and start with the darkest color. Color the top part of the paper, then switch to your second darkest color. Overlap colors a bit and drag down the darker color into the second darkest. This will not damage your pen as long as you scribble off the darker color on a piece of scrap color until the lighter color returns to it’s normal shade. Repeat with the lighter colors until you reach the bottom. Spritz with a fair amount of water and tip the card a bit up and down to allow the colors to run into each other and mix even more. Dry with a heat tool or allow to air dry. I did a second layer of Sparkle pens since I knew I wanted to white emboss my image on the background and wanted it to really pop.

Top Tip

If your paper curls up on you after spraying it with water, put it under a heavy book over night after it’s totally dry. This flattens it right out. If you’re in a rush, put it between the plates of your gemini or die cutting machine and run it through, or iron it on low heat.