Make Your Own 3D Decoupage


I would like to share a quick and easy tutorial on how to create your own 3D decoupage.  I have used Spectrum Aqua markers to color the images, but you can use any of the Spectrum Noir family – markers, pencils, or AquaTints, to create 3D projects.


For this project the lovely Fuchsia Stamp Set from Sheena Douglass was selected.

Cut out the pieces needed, using craft scissors and cutting near to, but not into the edge of the images chosen.


Decide how many layers you require for your creation and stamp the images onto watercolor card.  For this project Versafine Ink has been used for stamping.

Select your makers of choice, here purple/violet shades have been used from the Spectrum Aqua range to color the petals.

Spectrum Aqua markers used – Orchid, Heather, Wildflower, Purple, Magenta.


Using a paint palette Magenta, Purple and Wildflower Spectrum Aqua pigments, were applied to the petals of the flowers, using a small paint brush and the dry brush technique.

The lighter shade was first applied. Darker shades were blended with a small amount of water to create a color flow and areas of shadow.

For this creation, all of the images stamped, were colored.  For 3D decoupage construction, it is not necessary to color layers, which will not be seen.  Most of these layers and details will be visable.


Further definintion was added to the petals with the use of Spectrum Aqua – Heather and Orchid pigments.  The colors were applied directly to the image, using the fine nib of each marker and with a flicking motion, to create depth and shade.


The sepals and tube of the fuchsia were given a coat of Spectrum Aqua – Blossom, using a light flicking motion.


Darker tones were added using Spectrum Aqua – Scarlet into the folds and detail of the flower sepals/tube and buds, to create depth.


Further blending with Spectrum Aqua – Blossom.


The leaves and ovary of the flowers were colored next,  using Spectrum Aqua – Meadow in the center of the leaves and Bud Green round the outer areas.

Pigment was applied to the image directly from the brush nibs and without the addition of any water.

Spectrum Aqua – Chocolate was used to color the veins in the leaves and the outer border, using the fine nib for detail.


Spectrum Aqua – Black is really useful for adding any detail to the image that you may have missed, when stamping.


Decide which of your colored images you wish to use for your final creation and cut these out. For this project three layers will be used, for the large fuchsia flowers.  A final  coat of Spectrum Aqua – Blossom and Scarlet were applied to the sepals and tube of the top layer and to the buds using the brush nib.

Slight contrast and depth was added with the use of Spectrum Aqua – Burgundy into the folds of the top layer and where the sepals join the tube and also the the flower buds, again using the brush nib.

All images were given a slight dimension by gently curving round small scissors.


3D decoupage glue has been used on each of the under layers of the larger fuchsia flowers.  This was applied to the center of the flowers.  The edges of the sepals were left free and folded out to create depth and motion.

Assemble your finished card.  Decide where you wish to place your image.  Flowers and leaves were applied to the card base using 3D glue. Definition was given, by gently curving the leaves round small scissors, before application of the glue.

Small dots of glitter have been added to the tips of the stamen.  I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will find it useful.  I had lots of fun creating this project.

List of materials used:

Sheena Douglass Paint Fusion Rubber Stamp – Fuchsia Stamp set.
Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Aqua markers:
Floral – Orchid, Heather, Wildflower, Meadow, Bud Green.
Essentials – Chocolate.
Primary – Scarlet, Burgundy, Purple, Magenta.
Crafter’s Companion Watercolor Card.
Collall 3D Glue Gel.

Tutorial credit: Laine Webb

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