Katie Packer (Black & White)

Pastel Cupcakes 1

Black & White - by Katie Packer

You will need:
TriBlend colours: Brown Grey blend
Illustrator - Black

Sparkle Cupcakes 2

Step 1:

Draw out the eyes and nose using the black illustrator first, sketching in the darkest sections (nostrils, shadows and pupils in the eyes. Then build up the eyes using the Brown Grey Blend Triblend. Using the lightest colour first, then medium, then dark. Remember to leave the highlights in the eyes clear. This is what gives your drawing life!

Sparkle Cupcakes 3

Step 2:

Using the darkest Brown Grey Triblend, mark out all your darkest parts, the black spots and shadows which will create the face shape.

Sparkle Cupcakes 4

Step 3:

With the light and medium Brown Grey Triblend, go in and sketch your fur strokes. They don't need to be perfect, just to show the direction of the fur and where the shadows lay. This will help create the shape of the face, and make it look 3D.

Sparkle Cupcakes 4

Step 4:

Finally, go back in with the Black Illustrator, and draw in your black spots. Using small strokes to show it is fur. Go back in with the darkest Brown Grey Triblend, if needed, to darken any shadows.