We’re Joining the Colorista Blog Hop!


We are so excited that there’s just one week left until the world launch of our new range of adult coloring products! You’ll see Spectrum Noir Colorista on HSN with Sara Davies next Tuesday, August 30th!


To celebrate, we’re joining forces with Crafter’s Companion US, Sara Davies, and a seriously talented group of international colorists for an inspirational blog hop today!


Help us spread the word about this new range on HSN next week… join our online flash mob! Click here to sign up.

Hop around and visit these blogs to see what our design team members and special guests are sharing. Be sure to leave comments along the way, because we’ll be drawing FIVE random winners (one winner will be drawn from five blogs listed below… but we aren’t telling you which blogs we’ll be drawing the winners from!). The winners will be posted on the Crafter’s Companion US blog next Monday, Aug 29th, and the lucky commenters we choose will receive a Colorista coloring bundle! (please note… contest is open internationally to all persons aged 18 years of age or older; no cash alternatives will e offered, prize will be shipped from the office closest to winner’s country; prize subject to change based on stock availability)

Spectrum Noir (you are here)
Chrissie Tobas
Laine Webb
Jodi Clark
Lis Murphy
Kendra Weitstock
Jo Mckelvey
Annie Wills
Mari Kocjancic
Dana Warren
Nicole Bretherick
Lori Barnett
Tracey Freeman
Giovana Smith
Alexia Misso
Bianca Shervington
Debbie Seyer
Jennifer Ingle
Sara Davies
Crafter’s Companion US

Don’t forget to share your work with us on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest (use our #spectrumnoir tag) – we’d love to see your coloring projects!

156 thoughts on “We’re Joining the Colorista Blog Hop!

  1. EXCITING times!!!
    I can’t wait to get hopping along and BE INSPIRED!!!
    THANK YOU for the chance to win too 🙂

  2. WOW! This new Colorista line looks fantastic! Given alllll the cards/tags I create for my niece’s Gr. 1 class (60 students) and nephew’s daycare pals (30), as well as their teachers, this line would serve my needs perfectly! Off to explore the designers’ showcases. Magic about to unfold….

  3. I’m so glad there’s a hop.This gives me a huge advantage to see all the BEAUTIFUL INSPIRATION. Its GORGEOUS.

  4. Excited to see all the ideas on the blog hop. Will probably take me all day as I have to go out this morning. The beauty of blog hops it will still be here when I come home, yipeeee!

  5. Never thought I would get back to my favorite childhood pastime of coloring. But these coloring books , pencils and markers are just the tools I need to get back into coloring again.

  6. How wonderful it would be to win a bundle! I love the colorful markers, pencils and the beautiful pages that go along with each other

  7. Loving the blog hop but not as much as the Colourista range and the lessons. I cannot wait to get properly stuck in when I can afford my Spectrum Noirs.

  8. I absolutely love to color! From the time I was old enough to hold a crayon, it’s been one of my favorite things to do! Now as a disabled veteran suffering from chronic pain, when I color, I actually forget I hurt for a little while and it’s such a blessed relief! I’m all about coloring for therapy, physical and emotional! I truly love what you’ve created! Thank you!

  9. I cannot wait!!! I am going round the blogs and spreading the word. Also cannot wait until next week when we will see the new pens in action!!

  10. I’m so excited for the launch of the Colorista Coloring products. I love the Colorista Adult Coloring course. I have learned so much. Can’t wait for more lessons.

  11. Cant wait for TSV please bring back watercolor pencils I missed it last time sold out. Love crafters companion I hope you bring Bebunnie at some point. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all

  12. Loving the class so far and so excited for the new line of coloring products. I really want that glitter paper!

  13. I’m so excited for the Colorista Collection coming to HSN next Tuesday! I’m in the coloring class and I have learned so much from Sara in just two lessons. This is truly amazing and generous.

  14. I love coloring even more now than when I was a child and I loved it then. Having all these wonderful tools to work with makes it even more enjoyable. Time to hop along. . . .

  15. Excited for Aug 30th. I really need your markers and pads. I have downloaded the class printables and started with my ordinary colored pencils and they don’t look good. I need your better supplies .

  16. Looking forward to the launch. Am enjoying the colouring course + cant wait to play with new pens pencils + books. GOOD LUCK everyone xx

  17. I am so inspired and fired up already, what a great free by to offer folk. I hope they all learn from it.


  18. I’m so excited for this hop and the new products to be released. I’m just starting to build my alcohol marker collection and can’t wait to try them on fun books, etc. Thanks!

  19. Really looking forward to seeing the new stuff on HSN! I’ll enjoy checking out the other blogs, too!
    What fun! Not only do I enjoy adult coloring, but I like to use such materials for my little cartoon pages on
    Facebook…..I’m currently doing Samuel J. Skunk for President and Campi, the Campaign Lizard. If you’d like, check either one out at: https://www.facebook.com/presidentskunk/ and https://www.facebook.com/campilizard/ Hooray for Colorista!

  20. Enjoying the free Coloring Course and counting the days until the HSN Debut of the Colorista products! Thank you for always inspiring me!

  21. I can’t wait to get started with my Colorista pens & pencils. Colouring really is very therapeutic , I find it calms my nerves quicker than anything else, because my mind is just transported else where. Xx

  22. These look very interesting and the coloring books look beautiful. It would be wonderful if I could win some of this set. Thank you.

  23. I planned our vacation to be home for the August 30 shows. I can’t wait. I would love to win but if I don’t I’m sure I will buy!

  24. I’m so excited for these new products. I love my Spectrum noir markers and I’m really looking forward to the smaller point on the new markers.

  25. I am a huge pen fan, I have all of the markers so far! Can’t wait to see the new pens and see if I ‘need’ to add them to my collection!

  26. I cannot wait to try these new pens. Can you make a tiny tip to replace the wedge tip on the old markers? I hardly ever use that end and the new markers are perfect. Of course I want the new ones too. Thank you for your giveaways.

  27. Off to hop and see what wonderful things have been created by the super talented designers using these awesome new coloring products! So glad to be a part of the flash mob!!!!

  28. Wow this is amazing. . I enjoy a lot colouring and for sure spectrum colorista will be on my list . I like learing and im looking foward to learn more …

  29. I have never been so excited for the launch of a product as I am for this new line of Spectrum Noir. I’m so so excited. August 30th at 12:00 Am is a date. I won’t get dressed up I will be in my pajamas with a mug of coffee.

  30. I am so excited about this launch of new products! There are so many things I want already! Now how do I manage this without the hubby knowing??? LOL

  31. I hopped and hopped, then hopped some more and I return TOTALLY INSPIRED!!!
    WOW – Colorista is an AMAZING product collection – CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I can’t wait to start using them ALL 🙂

  32. So excited, I just found out about the amazing Colorista markers and coloring books! I’m looking forward to learning more and seeing everyones gorgeous coloring!

  33. I’m living the corse so far, getting much more out of using all mycsoectrium pens and pencils and pleased with my results. Understanding colour theory has been such a help. Need these new pens as I have everything else in the world of Speccys and love how they make me look like an artist. X

  34. I have never learned to colour properly so this is a new chapter for me. To be able to use my Spectrum Noir to produce a colourful card would be great

  35. This is amazing. My niece has been asking me for Spectrum Noirs for her coloring books. She used mine once and fell in love with them. This will be a perfect birthday gift for her, next month. I can’t wait. ^_^

  36. Looking forward to playing around with shading and color combos with both the markers and the pencils. I just recently got my husband involved in the coloring. I think these will keep his interest. Thanks!!

  37. I’m a die-hard, long-time colorista, but I have never used the Spectrum Noir products even though I drool over them every time I see them on HSN! It’s hard for me to commit to such a hefty layout for pens, etc., but I may just have to this time! Can’t wait to see the new stuff!

  38. I cannot wait until Tuesday to see the Clorista line in action! I have all the rest of the Spectrum Noir products and imagine I may be ordering the Colorista as well. I love all your markers and pencils. Thank you for such great products. I am enjoying the blog hop.

  39. Looking forward to blog hopping – and th launch of the Colourista range. The lucky USA are getting the launch before the UK.

  40. Getting excited about this launch of the Spectrum Noir Colorista!! Love watching your demos and can hardly wait to see all the colors presented on Tuesday!! Thank you for all you do!!

  41. Getting excited about this launch of the new Spectrum Noir pens!! Love watching your demos and can hardly wait to see all the colors presented on Tuesday!! Thank you for all you do!!

  42. WOW.. I can’t wait to see all the inspiration..off to hop I go..Good Luck All..
    Thanks to all supporting Colorista…

  43. Thank you for the fun and inspiring blog hop and the opportunity to win some of this incredible product! Will be watching HSN on the 30th!

  44. I just bought the Spectrum Noir alcohol pens and I am so excited to learm all about coloring with the pens.
    Spectrum Noir panel…go for it and teach me all about your beautiful pens. Greetz from the Netherlands

  45. I can’t WAIT for the shows in UK! Hubby won’t like it though – I can feel some serious spending coming on lol! 🙂

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