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We’ve got a VERY exciting announcement to share today… if you’ve been following our social media channels you’ve probably seen some really exciting sneak peeks over the past week! Have you figured out what we’re introducing? If you guessed an exciting range of adult coloring products, you’re correct!

The Spectrum Noir Colorista range will take your coloring to the next level with fantastic new goodies for all coloring enthusiasts of any skill level.

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We have developed the first (and only!) dual-tipped alcohol-based marker for use in coloring books, as well as a range of wax-based colored pencils to color with.

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Along with these coloring tools, we’ve created some truly amazing coloring books in two different sizes for all of your crafting needs, whether you’re at home or on-the-go!

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We’ve also created card-making kits complete with printed inserts for a professional touch!

The Spectrum Noir Colorista range will make its world debut on HSN (in the United State) with Sara Davies on Tuesday, August 30th! Want to learn more?





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18 thoughts on “Introducing Colorista

  1. They look fab! Please don’t keep us waiting too long in the UK! Love the look of these pens and wondering if they will be suitable for paper crafters and stampers too. Karen x

    1. Hi Victoria! Colorista is coming to HSN for its World Launch on Tuesday, August 30th. It will debut in the UK on 9th September!

  2. These sets look great. Looking forward to seeing them demonstrated. Looks like they will be good for paper crafting too.

  3. I just spent a lot of money on every color spectrum your new generation workers I even bought the tote bag with all the trays I needed to hold my pens I am a colorer and now you have colored markers coming out with extra fine tips is very upsetting .do you have find tips I can put in my next-generation pens please help I can’t use is the color with but I love the pin

    1. HI Cathy – the Next Generation markers come with the interchangeable nibs (bullet, brush, and chisel). These new Colorista markers have a dual-tipped design as well, but the nibs are not interchangeable. They’ve been designed to work well in adult coloring books, and areas where a finer point is necessary. If you have any questions please do email us at and we’ll be happy to help!

  4. Hi, I was wondering about the new spectrum noir marker colors. I thought I heard that the original line of spectrum noirs were getting new colors. I have the original set, and then got the second set which doesn’t dry out as fast as the first ones. I have all the specturm aqua pens, all your colored pencils, most of your stamps, I use your card stock all the time. So if new colors are coming out I have to get them right away so my collection is kept current. Also when are the brush nibs going to come down in price? I emailed you about it and got a very nasty reply back I was pretty shocked. Thanks

  5. Just signed up for the Colorista free event so am excited about this product. I came to the site to find out exactly what it was all about. Thanks for offering this event.

    1. Hi Jen – the new Colorista markers are alcohol-based, but the nibs have been specially designed for use in adult coloring books (to get into those finer areas!).

  6. Are the colorista ink colors in the markers and pencils the same ink colors as your original spectrum noir pens and pencils?

  7. I just bought the “today’s special ” from HSN, but I noticed there are 6 sets of the colorist a pen and only 4 in the set. How can I buy the other 2 packs?

  8. A better idea would have been, smaller nibs for the current markers we all own. These aren’t even refillable, so you’d have to keep buying them. Good for you guys, not so good for us who spent hundreds of dollars on the other markers, and still buy refills. Love the books, and the markers, just wish it had been slightly different. Still curious when they will be in stores, instead of on HSN. Thanks for your time.

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