Into The Blue

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It’s fun to bring definition to an image using color, tone and blends. For this tutorial we will look at working with blues to add shape and detail to an image.


This digital stamp, Flowers on the Beach by Conie Fong, was printed onto Neenah Classic Crest Card, using a draft setting and left to dry overnight.  

The first layer of color, Spectrum Noir marker – IBI, has been applied to the side of the image, to give an idea of how we will be building up the color detail of the tail and how the color blending will be achieved.

Notice that not all of the scale has been colored. An area at the front of each scale has been left white to create light detail. The skin of the image has been colored using Spectrum Noir markers FS2, FS4, FS6, TN1, TN2 and Spectrum Noir pencils 03, 05, 09, 85.


The next layer of color is Spectrum Noir marker IB2. It is applied over the IB1 in a smaller area on each scale of the tail and blended in with IB1.


Adding Spectrum Noir marker IB3 brings extra depth of color. This is applied to the corners of each scale, where they would overlap and create shadow. IB1 is used to blend the three color shades.


Color the front of the tail using these three shades and leaving an area at the front of each scale white, where it would naturally catch the light.


To add further depth to the image Spectrum Noir marker BT7 has been used under one overlapping edge of each scale. The rest of the tail and the hair has been colored in these shades following the same technique to create shadow, depth and areas of color.


The flowers are colored using Spectrum Noir markers -PP1, PP2, BP6 and her top with LG2, LG3, LG4.

The sand was created with Spectrum Noir markers – GB1, GB2,  with small dot detail of TN2, TN4, TN6

Spectrum Noir pencil 69 was used to create extra definiton to hair and tail.

Spectrum Noir pencil 120 was used to create extra definition to top and hair.

Spectrum Noir marker TB1 and the blender pen was used to create the sky detail.

This is the finished card. Lots of lovely glitter and sparkle detail has been added.

Image:  Flowers on the Beach – Conie Fong
Spectrum Noir markers and pencils used:
Skin: FS2, FS4, FS6, TN1, TN2 + 03, 05, 09, 85.
Tail and hair:  IB1, IB2, IB3, BT7 + 69, 120
Top:  LG2, LG3, LG4, + 120
Flowers:  PP1, PP2, BP6
Sand:  GB1, GB2,  with small dot detail of TN2, TN4, TN6
Sky:  TB1 and blender pen to remove color for cloud detail.

Tutorial credit: Laine Webb

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