Gwendolyn Goh (Opposites Attract)

Pastel Cupcakes 1

You will need:

The Tons - Magnolia stamps
Spectrum Noir Watermark ink pad
Illustrator - BT4, DR3
TriBlend - Coral blend

To create the card

First stamp the magnolias from The Ton's background Magnolia stamp using Spectrum Noir's watermark ink. Carefully colour in the background with the Spectrum Noir Illustrator alcohol marker BT4.

Colour the magnolias using Coral Triblend markers.

Start by colouring a single petal with the lightest marker, followed by the mid-tone from the bottom of the petal to 1/3 up the petal and lastly the darkest shade at the very bottom of the petal. Blend everything by applying the lightest shade over the whole petal again.

Continue colouring this way until every petal is done.

To add more contrast, use DR3, a cherry red Illustrator marker, to colour block in the small flowers... and a yellow sentiment die-cut!