Guide To Watercolouring Small Images

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Hi all! Its Gwendolyn and I’m so excited to be back to share a step by step tutorial on how to use our Spectrum Noir watercolour markers called Aqua. These are really great to paint small objects, notably the stamps we use for cardmaking. Because of their brush tip and marker tip, they can be controlled so much easier than normal watercolour brushes and paints. So pour yourself a cuppa and lets get started shall we?


I first stamped my image from Clearly Besotted using Spectrum Noir’s pebble waterproof ink from the Finesse range. This will ensure that the outlines will not run when I start watercolouring. I am using Spectrum Noir’s watercolour paper which is extra white.

I then started adding colour. With my Moss Aqua marker, I outlined the areas where I wanted the darker shades to be and then with a waterbrush, I blended the colour in by bringing the colour into the white areas.

I used a more feminine colour for the other frog as it has eyelashes on it so I assumed this was the female frog! Again, I added colour, this time Flame Red and Sunshine along with Moss and blende it in.


Now with the fine marker tip of my Alpine Green Aqua marker, I added spots to the frog, in areas where I first put down the colour, to add depth.


Then with a white ink gel pen, I added more spots, but to areas which I wanted to stand out so the images would be more 3D.


I used my Moss Aqua marker again but using the fine tip end of my marker to add more depth in the areas which would cast shadows, like the edge between the two frogs and the crease of their little legs.

The fine tip of this marker really allows you to go into small areas and corners of your stamped images.


I next started colouring the little cocktail drinks I wanted to add behind these two frogs as this card is going to a pair of close friends who love hopping around town together tasting great cocktails! I decide to colour in their 2 favourite cocktails, Aperol Spritz and a Long Mint, which is like a Long Island Iced Tea but with lemonade instead of coke, and mint!


I used the same method as with the frogs, going in with my first colour, in this case Flame Red, to the bottom of my glass and then blending into the white areas. For this image though, I wanted a gradient from red at the bottom to yellow at the top, so I added a little of Sunshine close to the Flame Red and when I blended it in, it turned orange and then yellow-


Once that was done, I started colouring in the Long Mint which has a light greenish colour to it so I used Alpine Green again to line the bottom of the glass and added Lime next to it, so that when it blended, it would give a lighter green.


When I finished watercolouring my little cocktails, and they were dry, I used my white gel pen again to add the highlights on the glass of my cocktails and the fruits.

I used my grey Aqua marker to the stem of my Aperol Spritz cocktail, making sure to use a darker shade right underneath the glass as that is where the shadows would be.

I then fussy cut the 4 images and arranged them on to my card.

For the Autumn coloured border, I first wet the areas I wanted to colour,  and then the above mentioned markers to drop in colour by simply touching the brush end tips to the wet paper.

To finish I splattered black and white acrylic ink onto the border and stamped the sentiment with Spectrum Noir waterproof ink Noir Black, also from the Finesse range.


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