Flamingo Coloring Tutorial

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This tutorial I will show you how to color a flamingo with a bit of realistic feather texture with the Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers.

For the flamingo I will be using markers DR6, CR11, CR8, CR7, CR5, CR3, CR2, GG5, GG4 & GG1.

flamingo legs

To color the legs, add some GG5 in the darkest shadowed areas. Next add in some GG4, extending the color a little further out.

Repeat with the GG1 extending out even further to cover the rest of the leg area.


For the flamingo body I will be using mostly the CR family of markers, but am adding just a tiny bit of DR6 to really deepen the shadowed ares.

Using very small flicks add some DR6 to the ares with the darkest shadows- under the scarf, in the folds of the wing, around the bottom of the belly.

Use this color sparingly, you can always go back in and add more, but you don’t want the flamingo to look red when it’s finished.


Next I came in with the CR11, again using very small flicks. Only add this color in the shadowed areas, extending just slightly further than the DR6.


I repeated the steps as above with the CR8 and also added some color into the shadows and folds of the tail feathers to start building up some dimension there as well.


The next color I added was the CR7. This color is quite a bit lighter and will start giving the flamingo the pink color.

Using the same flicking motion I added in the CR7, extending much further than the previous colors.

Repeat this step with the CR5 and CR3 extending each color further into the white area.
After you’ve gone through all the colors,  you can go back and darker up some of the DR6 and CR11 shadow areas to give them even more depth.

The image used on this card is by From the Heart Stamps. Additional Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers used are EB3, EB2, EB1.

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Tutorial credit: Mari Kocjancic

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