Featuring Creating Textured Fur with Spectrum Noir Brush Nibs

I am revisiting the Spectrum Noir tutorial ‘Creating Textured Fur with the Brush Nib’ on this card! Creating textured fur with your Spectrum Noir markers is lots of fun.

For this card I have used Spectrum Noir brush nibs to create the lovely soft fur detail on these cute puppies.

This is a digital stamp, printed onto the cardstock of your choice, using a draft printer setting and grayscale. The image was left overnight for the printer ink to dry.


I wanted to create a black and a white puppy and the linked tutorial above is perfect for adding degrees of definition and color to your image.

Starting with your darkest shade IG5 and using your brush nibs, apply your color using a flicking motion. I hold the marker close to the nib and as upright as I can and flick the marker across the card using my wrist to create the movement.

Your coloring does not have to be to smooth as fur has texture, depth and tone. IG3, and IG2 are used next to develp your color layers and to take the fur from areas of deepest shade, into areas where light would be reflected by the image.

You can use your blending pen to remove any buildup of color, using the flicking technique to continue with the creation of fur. This sweet boy has a cute bow tie colored with Spectrum Noir TB1, TB3 and soft pink skin on the inside of his ears with PP2.

I wanted to create extra depth and definition for this image and finished with my Spectrum Noir pencil – 120.


For the sweet lady the same markers have been used, but the blues have been replaced with pinks for her bow and collar.

The areas of darker pen color are there but have been much reduced to give the illusion of smoother white fur.

The background has been created using the dots technique and with Spectrum Noir markers – BT1, BT2, BT3. Under shadow detail for the pups has been added with the use of Spectrum Noir markers BG1, BG2.

Spectrum Noir markers: IG2, IG3, IG5, TB1, TB3, PP1, PP2, PP3, CR6 BT1, BT2, BT3, BG1, BG2.
Spectrum Noir pencil: 120
Image: Puppy Love from Tiddly Inks.

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Tutorial credit: Laine Webb

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