Creating Multicolored Hair


Hello to all. I am going to share a fun tutorial on how to create multicolored hair using your Spectrum Noir markers and pencils. I have colored the fabulous digital image ‘Angelic Mermaid’ from Michelle Perkett for this tutorial.

Print your image onto your preferred cardstock (here, I have used Neenah Classic Crest). Use a draft print setting, so that the image is not overloaded with ink.

When the ink is dry, color the skin using your Spectrum Noir markers: FS2. FS4, FS6, TN2, CR6.

Next we start to color the hair. Color your selected strands of hair using first your PP1 marker to lay down a layer of color and adding further definition and shadow with PP2. Short strokes were used to create texture in the hair and blending was done on overlapping tonal areas to create a continuous flow of color.

One strand of hair is colored at a time to ensure color blending. I have left areas on the hair strand uncolored, where the light would be, so that an illusion of highlight is created.  The markers are used to created hues and tones throughout the hair.

Color the strands of your choice using BT1 and BT2 in a similar manner and mirroring the areas of shadow and highlight. I have added deeper color layers to the folds of the hair, where the neck folds meets the hair lengths.

Also round the face and top of hair, leaving highlighted areas where the light would be hitting the hair strands. BTI and BT2 have been used to color the eyelid.

Using CT1 and CT2 color further strands of hair using the same techniques.

HB1 and HB2 are the markers of choice for the next selected hair strands and pupil detail.

The final hair color is LG1 and LG2. The colors used for the hair compliment each other and create a pleasing color combination.

The hair decoration is now colored, using CG1, CG2, for leaves and seaweed and LY2, LY3, OR1, OR2 and blender for the starfish.

The blender pen has been used to remove small dots of color on the starfish to create a textured surface and to add detail.

The small roses have been colored using PP1, PP2 and PP3. IG3 added semi-circles of shadow to the pearls.

Further definition and tone is added to the image with the use of your Spectrum Noir pencils. Your image is now ready to be mounted, added to your card and decorated as desired.

Spectrum Noir markers and pencils used:
Skin: FS2. FS4, FS6, TN2, CR6, + 04, 05, 08, 09, 85
Hair: PP1, PP2, + 36, 42. BT1, BT2, + 65, 66. CT1, CT2 + 14, 21. HB1, HB2, + 77, 78. LG1, LG2, + 46, 49
Hair decoration: IG3, CG1, CG2, + 44, 46, 49. LY1, LY2, OR1, OR2, + blender pen. PP1, PP2, PP3, + 36, 42.

Tutorial by: Laine Webb

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