Creating a Light Source

Step 7

Hello to all. In this tutorial I am going to share with you how I create a light source on an image, with my Spectrum Noir markers and blendable pencils.

The light illuminates parts of your image and also creates contrast and shadows. I hope this will help you create further definition in your coloring.


I have used the adorable Bebunni  Christmas Present from Crafter’s Companion. Stamp your image onto the card stock of your choice. For this project I have used Neenah Classic Crest.

Decide where your light source is coming from and where it will hit your image. Here the light source is coming from the right hand side.

Start to color your image using the lightest marker in your chosen color family,  IG1 and  color the bunny fur. Leave the areas which would be in the most direct light uncolored.  Use the blender pen to blend out any harsh lines and to create lighter areas.


Repeat the process with IG2, covering  smaller area of fur and blending with IG1 and the blender pen. You are now creating depth and shadow on your image. The ears have also been colored using PP1, PP2, IG2


Next add a layer of IG3 into the folds of the body which would be in the most shade. This would be under the hat, present, scarf and folds in body.

Blend out IG3 with IG2 and IG1. You are creating a smooth flow of color, to add shape to your image.


To color the hat and scarf  LG1, LG2 and LG3 were used. The lightest shade LG1 reflects the areas most in natural light and the darker shades are used where a shadow would be cast by the arm or head.

The bands of the hat have been accentuated by using the darkest color shade detail and blending into to lighter areas. DG3 creates some fine fold lines and detail on both the hat and scarf.

GB1 marker was used  for stars on scarf and flowers on hat.


The fabulous boots and parcel were colored using CR4, CR6, CR8, and with detail from DR2 and DR5. The lighter shades were again used to blend the darker colors so that you get a smooth flow of color.

If you look at the boots, the highlight area on the right side mimics the highlight on the parcel and on his tummy and hand. On the boot on the left hand side of the image, the highlight area is more towards the center of the boot, as this boot would be in the shadow created by the other.

Further  blending can be done at this stage to create light in areas of your choice. This has been done using the blender pen to open up his face slightly and to soften the color flow on the fur.

A layer of BG1 and BG2 under the image  creates a base and an outline layer of IB1 creates a soft glow for the image.  Blender pen  was used to blend out any harsh lines on the IB1 layer.


The image has now been colored using Spectrum Noir markers. I have added further definition to this image using the Spectrum Noir blendable pencils.

These have been used in the same manner as the markers with the darker shades creating the most depth and shadow.  White detail has been added to the present and hat with the use of Gelly Roll Pen.

List of Spectrum Noir markers and blendable pencils used:

Fur:  IG1, IG2, IG3, (blending pen), 117, 119, 120

Hat:  LG1, LG,2, LG3, DG3,(blending pen), 47, 58

Boots and present:  CR4, CR6, CR8, DR2, DR5, 23, 25, 28

Base and background:  BG1, BG2, IB1

Step 7

This is my finished easel card using this so sweet stamp.  I hope that you have found this tutorial useful and try these tips next time you color!

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  1. Stunning end result Laine, thank you so much for the tutorial and sharing what colours you used, I can’t wait do make a version of this myself! xx

  2. I just can’t get enough of the tutorials and coloring tips! No matter how long I have been coloring…it inspires me to grab my markers & pencils and have some fun! Great job Laine!

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