ColourBlend Pencils on Kraft Cardstock

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Coloring on kraft cardstock is fun and using the Spectrum Noir ColourBlend pencils produces a subtle, soft effect when applied.



For this project (which I have used Neenah Desert Storm kraft for) we will look at coloring the skin and hair of the image using the Spectrum Noir ColourBlend pencils. A digital stamp from Tiddly Inks has been printed onto the kraft cardstock using a draft setting.  

The Ginger pencil has been used to add areas of shadow and depth of color as shown in the picture. Some extra detail has been added to create the nose and eye sockets.


A warm rosy glow has been added to the cheeks with the Antique Rose pencil.


The shaded area on the skin is extended with the Cider pencil. Blending solution has not been used for this coloring as the pencils easily blend themselves and each other.  

The Antique Rose and Ginger layers have been blended using the Cider pencil. The pencil is applied with a light touch and a smooth round direction.


Further definition is added with the Spice Brown pencil round the area of the hair, and to accentuate the nose and eye sockets.  

Also in the areas of deep shadow on the arms and legs.  

The Cream pencil is applied over all of the colored layers to further blend and to add highlight to the areas of skin which catch the most light.


This image has thick hair which has been drawn with many layers and areas where light and shade can be created with your pencils.

Starting with the Ginger pencil, hold the pencil in an upright position and apply the color pigment using sweeping flicking strokes. Leave areas of the hair where the light is reflected uncolored.


Add interest to the color blend with the Russet pencil.


The Auburn pencil is used to create depth and shadow and applied near the hair parting and in the deeper layers of the hair.


Lighten the color blend by again applying the Ginger pencil.


A layer of shine is added with the Cinnamon pencil and Daisy is used to color highlights in the areas of hair which are uncolored.  The Black pencil redefines the outine and layers of the hair and is used in areas of deep shadow, at the parting and under the face of the image.


The coloring is completed with the coloring of her dress, shoes and cake. The background is also created.

11 (2)

The completed coloring is mounted onto a layer of Core’dinations cardstock and  Crafter’s Companion kraft cardstock.

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Spectrum Noir ColourBlend Pencils:  
Skin and hair:  Ginger, Antique Rose, Cider, Spice Brown, Cream, Russet, Auburn, Cinnamon,  Daisy, Black  
Clothes, cake and background:  Velvet, Sea Urchin, Pink Violet, Daisy, Cherry Red, Sea Foam, Stone, Black

Tutorial Credit: Laine Webb

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