Coloring With Spectrum Noir Pencils on Kraft


Hello to all. I am going to share a tutorial on how to color an image on kraft cardstock using your Spectrum Noir pencils. I have colored the digi-stamp ‘Lizzie’, a ‘Simply Adorable’ image, for this tutorial.


Print your image onto your preferred card stock (here, I have used Neenah Desert Storm kraft card).

Tip: Use a draft print setting, so that the image is not overloaded with ink.

When the ink is dry, use your darkest color pencil (101) to add definition, shadow and detail to the image, following the illustration provided. For this project the light is falling onto the image directly from the front of the image.


Next add further shape and definition to the image using your Spectrum Noir pencil 98, blending this into the 101 to produce a smooth color gradient.

Add 88, 85 and 74 starting with the darkest pencil and moving towards a lighter shade. This will add further definition to the image.

Reapply 101 onto creases round eye and sockets, the outside of the face and beneath the neck.

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Add warmth and tone to the image by blending Spectrum Noir pencils 09, 08, 05. Use 09 at the hair line and move in towards the centre of the face with the lighter shades. This will give cheek definition.


Start to add the lighter color shades to the face and neck using Spectrum Noir pencils 04, 03. Blend these to overlap with the darker shades creating the illusion of an oval face shape with your color detail.

As the light is hitting the face and neck from the front of the image, the central area is colored in your palest shades.

Create shadow and contrast on the image by applying 98, 88, 85 in the sockets of the eyes, round and under the nose, down to and under the lips., creating small folds on either side of the lips and under the neck.

Use 101 to enhance shadow and depth.


Color the pupils of the eyes with 101 and 88, using the darkest shade directly under the eyelids. Color the eyebrows with 101 and add further shadow if required.

White Gel Pen has been used to add definition to the eyelids, the center of the pupil and the white of the eye. Add 27 to the lips shading with 03 as required.

120 has been used to outline the eye, draw in the eyelashes and define the lips.


Start to color the hair using 3 shades of Spectrum Noir pencil: 120, 102, 98. A flicking motion has been used to define the hair strands.

The darker shades being used at the ends of the hair, at the parting and to create layer seperation. Areas of highlight have been created in the hair by leaving sections uncolored.

The dress and roses in her hair have been colored using Spectrum Noir pencils, 29, 30, 35. The darker shades have been used to define the layers in the roses and the folds in the dress.


The ribbon and collar of the dress are colored using Spectrum Noir pencils 30, 35 and 117, 120. Areas of light and shade have been created to reflect where the light would hit the image.

Blending solution has not been used on this project. The lighter pencils are used to blend the darker shades.

Complete any further blending and definition as required. Use the 120 pencil to outline all lines on the image.

A highlight background has been added round the image using Spectrum Noir pencil 01.


This sweet image was mounted onto the front of a shaped card base with mats and decorative detail.

Full list of Spectrum Noir pencils used:
Skin: 03, 04, 05, 08, 09, 74, 85, 98, 10, 120
Dress: 29, 30, 35, 117, 120
Hair: 120, 102, 98
Hair decoration: 29, 30, 35

I hope you have enjoyed this coloring tutorial and that you will find it useful.

Tutorial credit: Laine Webb

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  1. So glad you like the tutorial Carol. I have loads of fun coloring this image. Please share your creation with us via FB or Twitter. It would be fabulous to see what your create!

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