Color with Purples and Pinks

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Hello to everyone. This tutorial looks at coloring with your purple and pink Spectrum Noir markers.

I have used the sweet image Octavia Thinking from Polka Doodles and we will work through the coloring and blending of the clothes and hair of the image, step by step.

Step 1

Print the digital stamp onto quality white cardstock (here I have used Neenah Classic Crest Card), using the draft print setting on your printer and leave until image is dry before starting to color.

The skin of the image has been colored using FS2, FS4, FS6, FS9, TN2.

Starting with your lightest purple shade PL1, color the panels of the dress and the hair decoration. The light would be hitting this image from the right hand side and the image is colored to reflect this.

Use your blender pen to blend in any harsh edges of PL1 and to create a smooth color flow for your dress panels.

Step 2

Add your medium shade PL2 to each panel of the dress. This dress has lovely swing and sway and the panels should be colored to reflect this.

Use your PL2 where the deep folds and shadows would be, as shown above.

Blend the PL2 with the PL1 as the color moves from shade to light on the image. Color the hair decorations.

Use the blender pen to create a smooth flow of color.

Step 3

Working with the darkest shade PL3, start to create depth, flow, shadow and light with your use of color. The PL3 is blended out from areas of deep fold and shade and moves towards the lighter areas of the dress by blending with the PL2, PL1 and blender pen.

The dress in this image should appear to lift from the page and swirl round the body with your use of colour and shadow.

Step 4

Next to be colored is her fabulous hair. Starting with the lightest pink shade BP1, apply the color to the ends of the hair, to the parting of the hair, where areas of shadow would be, round the face and neck.

Leave areas uncolored where the light would hit the hair. The hair is colored using a more flicking technique, trying to create volume and tone.

Step 5

Apply a layer of BP2 to the hair, again using short flicking motions. Cover a smaller area than the BP1 and again concentrate on areas of shadow and shade.

Step 6

The final layers of hair color are BP3 and BP5. These add volume to the hair.

Again color into areas of shade and in a shorter color layer that the lighter shades.

Try not to over blend the hair color. You want to see definition of pen strokes to create the hair texture.

Step 7

Add the background to your image. The ‘ground’ has been created by flicking EB1, using your brush nib, across the base of the image. Dots of EB4, EB6, GB4 and blender pen create depth.

The image has been outlined with TB1 to create a ‘sky’, this has been faded out with your blender pen. The marker coloring of the image is complete.

Step 8

A layer of pencil color has been added to this image to create extra texture and depth to your coloring.

White and gold pen has been used to color the beads.

Spectrum Noir markers used:

FS2, FS4, FS6, FS9, TN2, PL1, PL2, Pl3, BP1, BP2, BP3, BP5, EB1, EB4, EB6, GB4, TB1, Blender Pen.

Spectrum Noir pencils used:

04, 05, 09, 25, 5, 49, 40, 79, 80, 82, 85,  120.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful and will be able to use some of the techniques!


Credit: Laine Webb

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