No-Blend Shading with Spectrum Noir Colorista Markers

Create gorgeous effects with shading

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate shading into your coloring? This tutorial will show you several ways to add shading without blending when coloring with your Spectrum Noir Colorista Markers.

For each step of the tutorial, the area in reference will be highlighted with a blue circle. The Colorista marker colors used for this tutorial are Leaf Green and Pear Green.

Learn the technique

Begin by coloring a base layer of Leaf Green. It’s perfectly fine if some areas end up a little darker than others, this will add some natural shading. Let this area dry for a few minutes.

Proceed to color alternating sections of the leaf with the same color, Leaf Green. This second layer will build upon the first layer and will become much darker. If you wish to, you can let this dry and and then color over these areas again to make them even darker.

For the next leaf, begin by coloring alternating sections with a base layer of Leaf Green.

Color in the remaining sections using Pear Green. This will give the illusion of shading while adding a pop of color at the same time.

The final shading method will again begin with coloring a base layer of Leaf Green.

Using Pear Green, color on top of the Leaf Green in each alternating section. This will create a deeper shade of green with a mixed hue of both colors. Have fun playing with different combinations of colors layered on top of each other to see what new shades you can create with your Spectrum Noir Colorista markers.

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Tutorial credit: Jodi Clark

Project Details:
Spectrum Noir Colorista Exquisite Florals Premium Marker Pad with colourable glitter
Colorista Markers
Leaves – Leaf Green, Pear Green
Flowers – Rose Red, Nectarine, Gold

Introducing Spectrum Noir Colorista Dark

colorista dark 1

New for adult coloring enthusiasts

Colorista Dark is the new addition to Spectrum Noir’s Colorista range, with luxurious metallic pencils and co-ordinating paper pads for adult colouring enthusiasts.

colorista dark 1

Colorista Dark Pencil Pads

There are three new 16-page pencil pads in the range! Two are 6″x6″ and one is a tag-shaped pad, all of which feature artist-quality black paper with thick-spot UV.

colorista dark 3

Metallic Pencils

The metallic pencils are packaged in a 12-pencil tin. They create a dramatic effect on the black paper designs, with shimmering results that can be used for cards, tags, gifts and more.

colorista dark 4

When can you get Colorista Dark?

This exciting new range will be available in the UK from Monday, 27th February – you’ll see it live on Hochanda in the evening! The range will make its US debut on HSN Wednesday, 8th March.

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Colorista Explosion Card

Here’s a quick tutorial to show you one way of using your Colorista coloring pages, its an explosion card.


First color this page from the Eastern Promise A4 marker pad using pens from sets 1,3, 4, and 6.

I used all the yellows, oranges, reds and purples, as I wanted to have a fiery look to the ‘explosion’. 

Don’t color the corner elements as they will be cut off anyway.


Next photocopy your page at 100% and then again at 80%, print onto a nice weight of paper. The book page is too thick to fold, plus you get to keep it and make something else with it.


Now cut around the shape of the larger copy – if your printer gives a border be sure to cut this off too.

I wanted a clean edge and I didn’t have the patience to color or cut round that frill!


Fold the paper in half with the white sides together, making sure the points line up. The fold should be in the center.

I used my sparkly Ultimate Pro to butt the paper against.


Now the next part is slightly tricky! You need to score some diagonal lines… normally making an explosion card you start with square paper.

We don’t have a square, but our shape is parallel. With the left-hand straight edge vertical, place the first pointed leaf (this should be a small one) into one of the grooves on the board, place your tool in the groove to anchor the paper, then swing the whole thing towards the left and line up the small leaf shape that is diagonally across from your starting point.

Repeat on the right-hand edge, making sure your starting point is the first small leaf on the right. Pop the tool in a groove, swing the paper to the right until the small leaf lines up and score.


Next fold the diagonal lines with printed sides together. If you turn the whole thing over you should have a parallel cross with a line through it.


Now fold in half through the middle, printed sides together and push the sides into the folded card.

It should look like the above picture at this stage.


Next find the center of the card, it should be the small point between the two larger points.

I drew a line to help. Fold the outside corners towards the center, forming a triangle, burnish the folds quite well.  Flip the whole thing over and repeat.

You should end up with a sort of house shape.


Another tricky bit! You need to fold the triangles back and push them back inside the opposite way!

Repeat on all four triangles. Now lift the top and you should have your explosion.


If you want to give the paper a little bit of a shimmer,spray it with some Pearl Diamond Spray and Sparkle.


Cut a piece of Crafter’s Companion black card to 3 3/4″ x 10 1/2″ score in half at 5 1/4″. Stick a piece of ribbon across the card at this stage as once the center piece is inside you can’t add it.


Now take the smaller of your photocopies and die cut a square from the center.

If you don’t have a die, it’s quite easy to find the corners and line up with a pencil and ruler. If you got the deal from HSN you could use the corresponding topper from the USB, just print color and cut. 

Use a black marker along the edges, then mount onto some purple, black then a final layer of white. Mount onto the front.


Die cut the word Celebrate from the Diamond Press range in black, add some white highlights and stick onto the front.


Now you can stick the middle into the card, while folded put Collall all purpose glue onto one side and stick to the back, inside portion of the card, add glue to the top of the folded paper and close the front  down onto the glue, this is the easiest way to glue together, now your card is complete.

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Tutorial credit: Nicky Hayden

Sparkling up Colorista Foil Pad


Here is a really quick and easy tutorial to show you an alternative way to color up your Colorista foiled coloring pads!


Remove the selected design from your pad and lay it flat onto a craft mat, completely saturate it in water.


Using some of your sparkle pens, add random droplets of color over the entire image, it will start to cauliflower out… we like that though, so don’t be worried!


Place some paper towels/kitchen paper under your design and tip it up so the color runs off onto the kitchen roll.


You can repeat the first few steps and then turn it sideways.


At this stage you can leave it to dry naturally, or pat dry with a piece of kitchen paper, then leave it to thoroughly dry out before adding to a project.


The effect of this looks really cool, and you do not need much to make it into a card, I matted it and stuck it to my card base and added a ribbon bow, really effective.

Tutorial credit: Jo McKelvey

Spectrum Noir Colorista Glitter Paper – Coloring Lilies

We’re joining in on another blog hop today, to get ready for the exciting launch of our new Colorista range of adult coloring products in the UK!

Check out this fabulous video tutorial, then read on for all the hop details (and see how to win more prizes!):


Spectrum Noir’s new Colorista line of adult coloring goodies offers several different paper finishes, including the beautiful, shimmery glitter paper. Certain parts of the design are pre-finished with a shimmery glitter that can be colored on, and the Spectrum Noir Colorista alcohol makers are the perfect companion for these papers. Learn more about Colorista by clicking here!

This video tutorial will show you how to color beautiful flower petals using the Spectrum Noir Colorista alcohol markers on the Colorista glitter paper.

The Colorista glitter pads add just the right touch of glittery goodness to your Spectrum Noir colorings.

Project Details:

Spectrum Noir Colorista Pre-Printed, Pre-Glittered card base
Spectrum Noir Colorista alcohol markers
Pinks – Rose Red, Hot Pink, Blossom
Greens – Forest Green, Leaf Green, Pear Green
Yellows – Gold, Canary, Lemon

Now for the blog hop fun! Want to win an assortment of Colorista goodies? Make sure you leave a comment everywhere you go… the winners from each blog will be announced on the Crafter’s Companion & SN Facebook page on the 9th Sept & the overall winner will be announced by Sara LIVE on Hochanda at the top of the hour on launch day! Be sure to join in on the Watch Party fun by clicking here.

In the US? Don’t worry, you can watch Hochanda online or on catch up at

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We’re Joining the Colorista Blog Hop!


We are so excited that there’s just one week left until the world launch of our new range of adult coloring products! You’ll see Spectrum Noir Colorista on HSN with Sara Davies next Tuesday, August 30th!


To celebrate, we’re joining forces with Crafter’s Companion US, Sara Davies, and a seriously talented group of international colorists for an inspirational blog hop today!


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Introducing Colorista

COLOUR BOOKS_011_social

We’ve got a VERY exciting announcement to share today… if you’ve been following our social media channels you’ve probably seen some really exciting sneak peeks over the past week! Have you figured out what we’re introducing? If you guessed an exciting range of adult coloring products, you’re correct!

The Spectrum Noir Colorista range will take your coloring to the next level with fantastic new goodies for all coloring enthusiasts of any skill level.

COLOUR BOOKS_022_social

We have developed the first (and only!) dual-tipped alcohol-based marker for use in coloring books, as well as a range of wax-based colored pencils to color with.

COLOUR BOOKS_031_social

Along with these coloring tools, we’ve created some truly amazing coloring books in two different sizes for all of your crafting needs, whether you’re at home or on-the-go!

COLOUR BOOKS_032_social

We’ve also created card-making kits complete with printed inserts for a professional touch!

The Spectrum Noir Colorista range will make its world debut on HSN (in the United State) with Sara Davies on Tuesday, August 30th! Want to learn more?





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