Coloring Fair Skin Part Two

This is the second part of the coloring Fair Skin and Hair tutorial.

Part 1 of this tutorial can be found HERE.

Coloring Red Hair Tutorial

In coloring red hair we will be using Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers TN7 TN6 and OR1.

Start by applying the darkest color, TN7 in the shadow areas of the hair.  Once all the shadows are drawn in, add a few small flicks of color further into the hair area.

The more of this color you add, the darker the final hair color will be. In order to get a lighter red I used very little of the TN7.

Next add in some of the TN6. Follow the same flicking motion as in the previous step, leaving spaces between the flicks for the next color.

Finish the hair with OR1. Use the same flicking motion as before, filling in the leftover white space. Also try to the keep some space between the “flicks” to allow the color variation to show.

After finishing with OR1,  go back with the Tn7 and darken up the shadow areas if needed.

Other Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers used on this project:  FS9 FS4 FS2 TN1 CR2 TN2 GG2 GG1 BT5 BT4 BT2 GB9 GB7 GB4 DG2 CG1 LG2


Coloring Fair Skin


This tutorial will share how to color fair skin with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.

For this example the following markers are: FS9, FS4, FS2, TN1, CR2, and TN2.


The first step is to add in the shadow details with the darkest marker in the blend, FS9. The shadows will be around the sides of the face, under the hair, under the chin, on the outer edges of the neck and around her necklace.

At this point you can also draw in a nose if you’d like.

I’m coloring this as if the light source was to the right so the shadows will extend further on her left side since it farther away from the light source.


Next take the FS4 and slightly overlap the previous color to get a smooth blend.

Extend the FS2 a little further out from the shadow areas but be sure to leave some white space for the lighter colors.


Now add the FS2 just slightly overlapping where the FS4 ended and blending even further out from the shadows.

Repeat the step above with TN1, but this time extend the color over the rest of the face.


Add some blush to the cheeks with CR2.

Start at the outer edge of the face and lightly extend it over the cheek area.


Lightly blend the CR2 out with the TN1 until you are happy with the amount of blush on her cheeks.


Repeat the FS9, FS4, FS2, TN1 blend on the rest of the skin areas. You can go back in and deepen any shadow areas that have blended out too much during the first coloring.

To add the freckles I just made tiny dots on the cheeks and around the necklace with TN2.

Stay tuned for part two of this tutorial, all about coloring red hair!

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Tutorial credit: Mari Kocjancic

Skin: FS9, FS4, FS2, TN1, CR2, TN2
Hair: TN7, TN6, OR1
Jewelry: GB9, GB7, GB4, Clear Sparkle Pen
Shirt: BT5, BT4, BT2
Eyes: DG2, CG1, LG2
Background: GG2, GG1, Blender Pen

Coloring Baby Skin With Spectrum Noir AquaBlend Pencils

3x3 June Tut

In this video tutorial I will show a quick and simple way to color baby skin with the Spectrum Noir AquaBlend Pencils.

To color the skin I used the Coral and Soft Red AquaBlend Pencils.

For the rest of the image I used Charcoal Brown, Ruby, Fossil Grey, Aegean Blue and Deep Blue. I also used the Clear Sparkle Pen on the Bunny after I colored it with the Pencils.

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Tutorial credit: Mari Kocjanic

Coloring Blue-Gray Hair


This tutorial will show you how to color blue/gray hair. I will be using Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers in the following colors:

IG1, IG3, IG7


The image featured in this tutorial is “Grand Couple” by Some Odd Girl.  

Color in just the shadowed areas on the gentleman’s hair with IG7 (using very small flicking motions).

Tip: use very little of this color if you want the hair to be more gray than black.


Repeat the same step as above with IG3 and extend the flicks a little further into the highlight section.  

Do the same thing again with IG1 and this time extend it all the way through the highlight area of his hair.

Leave some small bits of white between the flicks of the IG1 if you want the hair to look even lighter or shinier.


Using the BGR5 color in the shadowed area of the lady’s hair with the same flicking motion used before.

Her hair is a little longer so the flicks are a little longer. Again just a little bit of this dark color is used so that her hair appears more gray than black.


Add TB2 using the same flicking motion. Extend it from the shadowed area all the way through the highlight, leaving just a few small bits of white paper showing through.


Add in BGR3, flicking toward the highlighted area and extending them a little further than the BGR5.  

Repeat this step once more with BGR1.


You may see that some of the darker shadowed areas have been a little diluted by the other markers. If you want to darken them up again, just repeat the first step with BGR5.

You can use the same technique to color in the eyebrows as well.


Since gray hairs often have an almost silver shine to them I added just a tiny bit of Clear Sparkle Pen to her hair just to give it that little bit of shimmer!

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Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers used on this card:
FS2, FS4, FS9, TN4
BGR5, BGR3, BGR1, TB2, IG7, IG5, IG3, IG1
CR7, DR7, DR6, PP5, PP4, PP2
DG3, CG4, CG2, LG5
GB6, GB4, CT2, TN7, GB10, GB8, EB2
Clear Sparkle Pen

Tutorial Credit: Mari Kocjanic

Coloring Puddles


This tutorial will show how to color puddles on a paved or cement colored surface.

Featured are Spectrum Noir alcohol markers BGR1, BGR2, BGR3, BGR4, BGR5, GG3, GG4, GG5, TB3, TB1, LY1, and GB4.


Since we are coloring a puddle on top of pavement, it will have a grey base with hints of blue in it, as well as the reflection of her boots.

We’ll start off the the darkest, BGR5, and follow along with the artist-drawn ripples in the puddle. Only use a small amount of the darker colors.


Repeat the same step with BGR4.


Continue repeating the step above with BGR3, BGR2 and BGR1 moving towards the center with each color until the whole puddle area is filled in.


Now that we have a grey base for the puddle, we’ll start adding in a little bit of blue to show that it is water.

Again we’ll start with a small amount of the darkest color, TB3. Follow the artist-drawn ripples going right over top of the BGR5.


Repeat the step above with the TB1, extending it out to cover more of the BGR markers.


Next use the GB4 and LY1 to create the reflection of the boot in the puddle.

The puddle would be in motion as she jumps in it, so the reflection would be blurred in the ripples. Just add some yellow in the area where you want the reflection to be, with the darker GB4 closer to the boot and the LY1 extending further.

This is one of those steps where you don’t need to be perfect.


The final step is to color in the paved area around the puddle.

Starting with GG5 color around the outside of the puddle, extending the color toward the edges of the page.

Repeat with GG4 and GG3 until you reach the edge of the image.


Image: “Puddle Hopping Tia” from Some Odd Girl
Spectrum Noir Markers Used:
Skin: FS2, FS4, FS9, TN4
Hair: EB5, TN7, TN5
Sky/Rain: BGR2, TB3
Ground: GG5, GG4, GG3
Clothes: GB4, CT2, LY1, PL5, PL4, BP6
Eyes: TB3, TB2
Puddle: TB3, TB1, BGR5, BGR4, BGR3, BGR2, BGR1, LY1, GB4
Other products used: White ribbon colored with Spectrum Noir Marker PL3, Wood Veneer from Freckled Fawn, Homemade Enamel Dots and Watercolor background by Lily Kocjancic.

Tutorial credit: Mari Kocjanic

Darker Skin Tones with Spectrum Noir Pencils.

Today I wanted to share some colour combinations and a quick tutorial for darker skin tones using the Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils.


I have used the following for this tutorial:

A Skin Tone Practice sheet from Some Odd Girl Blog 

Neenah Solar White Cardstock…But I highly recommend Crafter’s Companion Watercolour Card or Similar as it will allow better blending and allows for more layers to be added.


Spectrum Noir blendable pencils (088,089,090,091,094,095), Paper Stumps, Blending Fluid


I am sharing two of the darker skin tones I tend to use the most, both are coloured in the same way.

I will show you step by step on the lighter of the combinations.

Lay down a rough layer of your lightest colour, in this case 088. Try not to worry about how it looks at this stage as you are going to blend it out.


Using a blending stump and fluid blend your pencil to give an even layer of colour.


Now take your mid tone 089 and add colour so that it comes to a mid point of the face…around the edges, cheeks and around the eyes…remember that you can always go back and add more, but not take it away. Again go in and blend, i always try and leave the light in  the centre of the face.


Now go in and add your final, and darkest colour (090). With this colour you want to add mainly around the edges of the face and add a small amount where you want the darkest areas. Again go in and blend out.


I follow the exact same steps for all skin tones, for the darker skin tone I used – 091,094,095 in that order. Below you can see the two different skin tones completed.

With the light of the two, if you want it slightly darker you can add some 091 around the edges and blend in.

I hope you have found the tutorial helpful, don’t forget to share with us anything you create using Spectrum Noir Mediums.

Happy Colouring.

Adding Facial Features Revisited


I think it’s very important to express the facial features correctly and and in a realistic way when coloring people,  that’s why I took a look back at the tutorial section on the Spectrum Noir website.

There are so many great tutorials and tips how to improve your coloring skills, like this one on adding facial features by Lis Murphy. It was the perfect one for my purposes and I used it to make the girl’s face expressive and representational. The original tutorial has the perfect step-by-step instructions and a magnificent card so make sure you check it out.

I have colored this clear stamp with Spectrum Noir markers.

I followed the steps in the tutorial and first outlined the face with TN3, then added shape to form the nose, eyebrow and cheeks. I don’t prefer strong definition of the facial features so I blended the colors on the face a little bit for slight shadows and more realistic view. When finished the entire face, I repeated the cheek area. For smoother tan I used the brush nibs of the markers.


Here is the completed card and Spectrum Noir markers color list:

Skin: TN3, FS2, FS4, FS6, FS9, BG2, BG6, CR2, CR3, CR5
Hair: TN3, TN5, GB2, GB4, GB7, GB10, BG7, BG8, CG2, CG4, DG1, CG3, CG4;Blender
Dress: IG1, IG2, IG4, IG6, IG7, IG8, Blender

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Tutorial credit: Mila Popova

Facial Definition & Shading with Spectrum Noir


I have a step by step tutorial to share with you, showing how I add facial definition to a stamped character image using Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.

You will also see how I shade and color the rest of the skin tones, for the same image.


Step 1: Starting with darkest marker (TN4), I add in where I want my shadows and facial definition features (nose, cheeks, eyelids).


Step 2: Now come in with the second darkest color (TN3) and just color up against the edge of where you laid down your TN4 color.


Step 3: Repeating step 2* but coming in with yet the next lighter shade (FS3).


Step 4: Now I come in with my last and lightest color (FS4) and go over complete image, even the spots where the darkest colors are.

I also add my cheek color at this time (CR3, CR4).


Step 5: I add color to my eyes (BT2, BT4) as well as some white highlights using a white gel pen.

I also decided to giver her some lipstick using my (PP3) marker.


Step 6: I wanted to add in some glow from the candle flame to her skin using LY1 & LY3.

I kept LY3 closer to the bottom of her face as well as to the left side, since that’s the closest part to the flame.


Step 7: I now go back over the entire image using my lightest skin tone (FS4) to blend everything together one last time.

I also choose the rest of the colors I wanted to color my image with based on my pattern papers choices that I made.

You can also see I added some little dots around the flame of my candle to give it a flickering effect (LY1,LY3,GB4).


Complete Marker List:

Skin tones: FS3, FS4, TN3, TN4, CR3, CR4
Hair: EB3, EB8, TN6
Eyes: BT2, BT4
Lips: PP3
Candle: BT2, BT4, LY1, LY3, GB4
Dress: PP1, PP3, CR3, CR4
Shoes & Cherry: CR7, CR10, CR11

And above is a closer look at the rest of my supplies.

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Tutorial credit: Brianna Loeffelbein

Purple Birthday Wishes

P1050092 (1024x1019)

I have a card to share that I made for my youngest daughter, who is a purple lover!

I chose this fabulous Peacock Kaylee stamp from Some Odd Girl Stamps and set about coloring her up.

The colors I used are:

Skin: FS4, FS5, FS6, TN2, TN3, TN4, HB3, HB2
Hair: IG4, IG6, IG9, IG10, True Black, TN6, GB8
Outfit: LV3, HB1, HB2, HB3, JG2, JG5, GT1, GT2, GT3, CG4, CG3 , LV3, HB3, GB5, GB3, TN6, DG3, DG4
Background: BG4, BG3, BG2, BG1, HB3, HB2, HB1, EB2, EB1, blender

I really love how this turned out, and I hope you do too!

Back to School

Hello there. I wanted to share this perfect back to school/college card that I created recently.

On this card which features Bookish Tia from Some Odd Girl Stamps, I have used:

Skin: TN3, TN2, FS4, PP2
Hair: True Black,IG10 IG, IG9, IG5
Skirt: IG9, IG7, IG3
Bag: BGR4, EB2, EB1, DR5, TB2, CT4, CT2, OR1, GB2
Hairband: TN7, GB5, GB1, OR1
Top: GG2, GG1, LG1, LG2
Book: IG5, BT5, BT4,  BT2