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4th Sep
maya isaksson spectrum noir confetti tutorial

Adding a Confetti Shadow Around Objects Using Spectrum Noir Markers

In this tutorial I will show you how to add a confetti shadow around objects, using Spectrum Noir markers. Adding a confetti shadow around a colored image helps frame it and can make it pop. I used the City in the Sky stamp by Sheena Douglass, and used the confetti shadow to add a sky - Read full post [...]

2nd Sep
Refills on Metal Artistic Trading Card

Spectrum Noir Ink Refills on Embossed Metal

Feel like getting a little “artsy?” You have come to the right place! There are so many fantastic tutorials and design ideas using all the Spectrum Noir and Spectrum Aqua products right here on the Spectrum Noir website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our ‘Tutorials’ drop-down menu above, here are a - Read full post [...]

31st Aug
Aqua Tint examples

Underwater with Spectrum Noir AquaTint Paints

The Spectrum Noir AquaTint collection of paints are available in sets of six colors, with each set having complimentary color tones. Colors are intense and rich which brings an extremely vibrant tone to watercolor painting. This video tutorial using AquaTint paints focuses on a ‘wash technique’ to create an underwater scene. It then takes the scene - Read full post [...]

28th Aug

Glycerin and AquaTint Inks

I recently found a tutorial on You Tube from Sheena Douglass (keep reading to see the full video) showing how to make blended backgrounds with the Spectrum Noir AquaTint inks and a little bit of glycerin. I was so taken with the technique I thought I would have a go and see if it was just as easy as - Read full post [...]

27th Aug

Adding Facial Features Revisited

I think it’s very important to express the facial features correctly and and in a realistic way when coloring people,  that’s why I took a look back at the tutorial section on the Spectrum Noir website. There are so many great tutorials and tips how to improve your coloring skills, like this one on adding facial features by Lis Murphy. It was the - Read full post [...]

25th Aug

Meet the Design Team: Maya Isaksson

We’re thrilled to add a new member to our design team! Please help us welcome Maya Isaksson! “My name is Maya Isaksson, I’m 38 years old and I live in Sweden with my husband, two kids and three dogs. We are a family of geeks, both me and my husband are programmers. When I’m not - Read full post [...]

24th Aug

Coloring Pink Baby Skin

Coloring light and/or pink skin tones can be tricky. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to easily color baby’s skin with the pink-ish shades of the Spectrum Noir flesh-tone family. Don’t you love the sweet little babies and their chubby arms and legs? I usually start by marking the most shaded/deepest regions with just some dots - Read full post [...]

21st Aug

Thinking of You Cards with Spectrum Aqua

I love going back to older tutorials and trying them out. Recently, I’ve been practicing with my Spectrum Aqua markers and I thought that it would be fun to try out Lori Barnett‘s tutorial on stamping watercolor backgrounds. I followed her tutorial but instead of using a stamp, I added my markers directly on an - Read full post [...]

19th Aug

Featuring Creating Textured Fur with Spectrum Noir Brush Nibs

  • Posted by: on 19th Aug 2015 at 11:50am

I am revisiting the Spectrum Noir tutorial ‘Creating Textured Fur with the Brush Nib’ on this card! Creating textured fur with your Spectrum Noir markers is lots of fun. For this card I have used Spectrum Noir brush nibs to create the lovely soft fur detail on these cute puppies. This is a digital stamp, printed - Read full post [...]

17th Aug

Coloring Tin Revisited

Today I am revisiting the Coloring Tin Tutorial with the image “Beachy Afternoon” from Saturated Canary. If you haven’t gone back and checked out some of the older tutorials on the site, you definitely should! There are so many tutorials, color combinations, and tips to help you practice and improve your coloring! I followed the - Read full post [...]