Beth Duff (Black & White)

Pastel Cupcakes 1

You Will Need:

TriBlend: Ice Grey blend
Classiques/Original colouring system: IG9
Stamp by The Rabbit Hole Designs

Colouring Hint:

I tried this prompt because I was a little intimidated by the idea of coloring in just black and white. I found out that the TriBlend markers made it super easy. I like to use a shade darker than what my TriBlend comes in to really help the shadows pop. I used IG9 here in the dark spots. Also I masked this stamp but an easy way to mask is to first stamp your image on to a sticky note and use a stamp positioner to get perfect arrangements. I wasn't able to make the card in JUST black and white and added a line of gold washi tape to give the card a little more elegance and appeal.