Back to Basics with Spectrum Noir Markers – Part Two


Hello to all.  I would like to share the second part of my Back to Basics coloring tutorial. In the first part of this tutorial, seen here, the skin and hair of the image was colored.

Here we will color the dress/detail and background with our Spectrum Noir markers.


With Spectrum Noir marker BGR4 color the folds and creases in the dress and bows.

Spectrum Noir marker TB4 is used to blend out the BGR4 and to create areas of dark color as shown in the picture above.


Next Spectrum Noir marker TB3 is applied and blended through and over the TB4.


The lightest Spectrum Noir marker TB2 is applied.  Areas of the fabric are left uncolored for the moment.

This would be where most light hits the dress and bows.


A second layer of color is applied using the same marker shades, to create depth and shape to the dress and bows.

Definition is given to the shoulders of the dress, underarm, creases and folds with a final application of Spectrum Noir  BGR4.

The uncolored areas are now lightly shaded with Spectrum Noir TB2.


A reminder of the Spectrum Noir markers used to color the dress and bows.


The cushion and music box are colored with Spectrum Noir marker LG2, leaving the area in most light uncolored.


A layer of Spectrum Noir LG3 is added.


To create depth and detail Spectrum Noir BG4 is applied to folds in cushion in and round body and where tassels are attached.

Some further detail was added to the ends of the tassels with dots of BG4.


A final layer of Spectrum Noir LG5 is added to the cushion/music box and blended with Spectrum Noir LG4, LG3, LG2, to create a smooth color gradient.

The uncolored area of the cushion was lightly colored with Spectrum Noir LG2.


A reminder of the Spectrum Noir markers used to color the cushion and music box.


The trim and figure on the music box are colored with Spectrum Noir PP1, PP2, PP3, BP5.


To create the background for the image Spectrum Noir marker GT1 has been used round the image and Spectrum Noir markers LY1, LY2, LY3 blended to create the base detail under the cushion.


Finished image with Spectrum Noir markers GT1, LY1, LY2, LY3.


The topper mounted on a card.  I had lots of fun coloring this image, particularly creating the dress detail and depth. I hope you find this tutorial useful.  Be sure to stop by Part One of the tutorial for details on how to color the skin and hair.

Image:  Music Box, Elisabeth Bell

Spectrum Noir markers used:
Dress and bows:  TB2, TB3, TB4, BGR4
Cushion and music box: LG2, LG3, LG4, LG5, BGR4, PPI, PP2, PP3, BP5
Background:  GT1, LY1, LY2, LY3.

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Tutorial credit: Laine Webb

One thought on “Back to Basics with Spectrum Noir Markers – Part Two

  1. Thanks Laine for a great tutorial . Although I use my Copic now I do have all the Spectrum Noir markers and I. Think I will have to bring them out and have a try. If I can achieve anything like your image I will be happy. Hugs Jennifer xxx

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