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Author: Christina Griffiths
Christina Griffiths

I have been crafting one way or another for a long time. I used to make my own clothes and enjoyed that immensely when my daughters were young. I also enjoyed knitting and crochet but it wasn't until I got older that my attention turned to cardmaking. It didn't take long before I was hooked and decided to create my own website ... Card Making Magic ... just for the new card maker. That has been such a success and then of course I entered Blog land as well ... Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls...and I try to add a post each day. My two favorite subjects are of course Spectrum Noir but I like to use Spellbinders when I make my cards and I find that one compliments the other beautifully. I am delighted to be accepted onto the Spectrum Noir Design Team and look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with them ... creating lovely projects and sharing them with you.

3rd Jul

Easy Coloring with Spectrum Noir

This tutorial will show you how to get the look of hair strands and shine in the baby’s hair and light and shade in the ruffles of the tutu without too much effort on your part. Watch this twenty minute video to see how easy it is to color and achieve different results with your - Read full post [...]

28th May

Coloring Jeans with Spectrum Noir

The modern day dress of most teenagers these days seems to be jeans and lots of images show the characters wearing them. So if you are new to coloring with Spectrum Noir then here is an easy way to color this garment. I have used just three markers from the True Blue (TB) range – - Read full post [...]

21st May

Creating a Dark Sky

You can use the chisel nib of your Spectrum Noir markers to create a fabulous dark sky! For this dark sky they are the perfect way to get the blend that we want, quickly and easily with very little effort. This card is not intended as a masterpiece, it is just a fun way way - Read full post [...]

7th Apr

White to Colored with Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noir are more than just for coloring with. They can give you some of the prettiest backgrounds that will always match your designs. All the parts to this card started life as just plain white. With a little ingenuity the finished result is colorful and sparkly. The colors I have used are: for the - Read full post [...]

26th Feb

Coloring Metal Charms

The Spectrum Noir pens are useful for more than just coloring cardstock and paper! They can alter the look of your metal charms and embellishments too. Buy your charms or metal corners in silver and then alter them to match the project you are working on. Here you can see a silver metal baby carriage. - Read full post [...]

27th Jan

Same Image – Two Ways to Color

The Spectrum Noir core color families are put together in twelve packs of six, specifically to give you the best possible results in your blending. Each pack has a cool and a warm blend; to get the best results I find it is better to keep to one or the other. If all you have is - Read full post [...]

9th Dec
cherrylicious background

Embossing Folders and Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noir markers can be used to color other materials as well as card and the results are very pretty. Here I have used the Cherrylicious Embossing Folder from Crafter’s Companion to transfer the pattern onto some craft parchment and then with the colors of my choice I have changed the plain paper into a beautiful - Read full post [...]

13th Nov
Spectrum Noir acetate background

Creating a Background with Spectrum Noir Refills

Don’t throw that acetate packaging away …. use it to your advantage and color it!  Your Spectrum Noir refills can produce lovely effects using what would other wise  have gone in the trash. For this background you will need some acetate, the refills of your choice, a blending tool and some felt pads. Cut your - Read full post [...]

1st Nov

Thinking Outside the Box

Bebunni is perfect for any occasion and children especially will love this cute rabbit. Just by changing the colors you use it can be adapted for boys or girls. Bebunni has been colored with just a few Spectrum Noir markers: PP1 PP3 PP5 for the ears and the bag IG1 IG2 IG4 IG6 for the - Read full post [...]

26th Sep

Altering Embellishments

I love to add the “Bling” to my designs  because for me they are the finishing touch to my cards.  Flourishes, swirls, strips of pearls or loose gemstones always make it look better and I openly admit to being a  ”more is more”  kind of crafter. The color that I need is not always on - Read full post [...]