Adding detail with Spectrum Aqua fine nibs.

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Hello to all. I am enjoying working with the new Spectrum Aqua markers and would like to share a tutorial on adding detail with the fine nibs. For this sweet Lili of the Valley image I have used the Dry Brush Technique, where the pigment it applied to completely dry paper with a paintbrush, using minimal water.


Stamp you image onto the watercolor card of your choice. I have used Versafine Ink, which gives a fine, sharp outline, Crafter’s Companion Watercolor Card (available in the UK) and the cute Lili of the Valley image ‘You and Me’.

In this image, the light would be hitting the center of the figures.

Apply some Sunflower Spectrum Aqua pigment to a clear block or palette, using the soft flexible brush nib. With an almost dry fine paintbrush, add the pigment, to the outer fur areas of the cat.

Repeat the same technique using Spectrum Aqua Amber ink. Colour a smaller area, bringing shape and definition to your coloring.


Add further detail to the cat with your Spectrum Aqua Orange and then Chestnut pigment. Use these directly from the fine point of your marker.

Apply ink in small flicking strokes, to add ‘fur’ detail to your image. Flicking technique works best, when the marker is held in an almost vertical position and grasped near the point.

Use the darker shades,  in the folds of the image and in areas which would be in the most shadow.


Tummy and snout detail are created with the use of the fine nibs of the Spectrum Aqua Slate and Charcoal markers, applied directly to the image.

Use the charcoal pigment to color into deep folds and to create shaggy outer fur detail.


Color the dog image using the  fine nib of the Spectrum Aqua markers, Slate, Charcoal and Black. Apply the ink directly to the image. The ‘flicking’ technique has again been used.

The lighter shades being used over a larger area and the darker shades applied in shorted layers. For the ear and the eye patch areas, some light blending of pigment has been used, with an almost dry small paintbrush.


To color the bench Spectrum Aqua Fawn, Terracota and Chestnut markers have been used.

The pigments were added to the clear block and applied with a damp paintbrush, starting with the lightest pigment fawn and creating shadow with layers of darker pigment.


The pigment is added to create the grass detail using Spectrum Aqua Bud Green, applied to the clear block from the brush nib and added to the image, with an almost dry paint brush.

Spectrum Aqua Moss pigment was applied, directly from the fine nib, to create depth and detail.


Sky detail was added to the image with Spectrum Aqua Teal.  The pigment being added to the clear block and applied round the outline of the image, with an almost dry paintbrush.

Further water was added from the paintbrush to blend out the pigment, taking care not to flood the previously colored areas of the image.

Cloud detail was added by blotting areas of the wet Teal pigment with kitchen roll, using the ‘Color Lift’ technique.

Small flowers and pebbles were colored with Teal, Fawn and Blossom Spectrum Aqua markers and further definition applied to grass with Spectrum Aqua Evergreen pigment, used directly from the fine point of your makers.

Your image is now complete and ready to be added to your card or craft project.

IMG_5959pm_zps6e8d7b4e (3)

I have really enjoyed working with the Spectrum Aqua markers and  exploring the use of the fine nibs.  They bring an extra depth and dimension to your creation.  I hope you have found this tutorial useful.


Tutorial credit: Lane Webb





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