Adding Depth to Clothes and Hair with Color

Hello to everyone.  In my first tutorial as a Spectrum Noir team member, I will show you how to add depth to clothes and hair using color!

I have used the digital image Shy Fairy from Redonkadoodles, printed onto Neenah Solar White cardstock.  Tones of one color have been used to color match the hair and clothes and to add depth to the image.  Further definition has been added by the use of gray and a little touch of pink.

 List of  Spectrum Noir markers used:  HB1, HB2 HB3, BG4, PP5.

Starting with a layer of the lightest color HB1, color the hair, dress and shoes.  Using a first layer of color helps with blending further layers of ink.

HB1 was used to start the shading process.  I used short flicking strokes for the hair and a longer more blended stroke for the dress.  This image is colored using the lightest shade and moved onto darker shades.

You can color either from light to dark or dark to light.

Shading with HB2 is next.  Keeping in mind where the light hits the object, use your marker to add layers of the mid-tone HB2  blending with HB1  to give a smooth look to your coloring.

Using your darker tone, work toward the lighter areas to give an impression of depth to your image.

The third layer of color is HB3,  this is the darkest of the HB shades used and again this is applied to the areas in most shadow and blended into the image using  HB1 and HB2.  

The final layer is BG4.  The gray shades really compliment the hydrangea tones and make the image ‘pop from the page’.  For this gray layer I have used short flicking strokes on both the hair and the clothes.  Use the gray only in the areas which would be in the darkest shade.


The image is colored and complete.  PP6 has been used for the underside of the petals and she has some glitter and sparkle detail on her wings.   I have had lots of fun making this tutorial and coloring the image and I hope you will find it useful!

3 thoughts on “Adding Depth to Clothes and Hair with Color

  1. What a gorgeous image Laine and coloured so beautifully. You make it look so easy but with the pen in my hands anything could happen. Lol!! Thank you for the tut.


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