Adding Depth & Definition to the Face with Spectrum Noir Markers

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I would like to share a very simple tutorial on how to add depth and definition to the face using your Spectrum Noir markers.

This is a digital stamp, printed onto suitable alcohol marker paper, of your choice.  I use the draft print option on my printer and leave the image to dry overnight before coloring.

The image is colored to highlight and define the shadow on the face, created by light and shade.  

I have used TN2 around the face, the nose and eyes, under the lips, and in the folds of the neck to create contour and shadow.


Spectrum Noir marker FS2 has been used to blend out any harsh color lines.

Note that the central panel of the face and areas of the neck most in the light have not been colored.


Next we add some blush and color with FS4.  

This has been used over the cheeks and around the outlines of the face and features, where the TN2 had previously been applied. It will give the face a warm rosy glow.


A light covering of FS2 is applied over the FS4 to remove any harsh lines.  

The central panel remains uncolored.


Further color is added to the cheeks with FS6. The face now appears rounded and defined.


A small area of FS8 is added to the cheek and blending again with FS2. This will soften the cheeks and produce a smooth color flow.


A final coat of FS2 was applied over all of the skin areas.

Further detail is added to the face with the use of  BP1 to color the lips and BT1, BT3 to color the pupils of the eyes.

Coloring of the image is completed using:

Hair: TN1, TN2, TN3, FS1, FS7
Flowers:  PP1, PP2, BP3, BP5
Leaves: DT1, DT2, DT3
Image: Spirit of Hibiscus – Aurora Wings

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Tutorial credit: Laine Webb

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