The Professional High Quality Coloring System

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Coloring Inspiration

Our friend Sharon Callis shared these gorgeous cards with us, and with her permission we're sharing them here on our site so you can be inspired also! She colored this card with: Pencils: Marine 075, 070; Nature: 021; Essentials 120 Markers: TB1, TB2, TB3, LV1, LV2, LV3, CT4 This lovely Sheena Douglass stamp was colored with: Pencils : Nature 060; Essentials: 117, 039; Primaries: 065 Markers: - Read full post [...]

About Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noir is a range of professional coloring tools. The range includes alcohol markers, blendable colored pencils, alcohol inks and marker storage, and is perfect for crafters and artists everywhere.

There are a total of 168 alcohol-based, acid-free and fast-drying markers. There are 120 wax-based blendable pencils that are great for using on their own or combined with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.

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