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Pretty in Pink

I have a darling fairy image to share with you today, in soft spring colors! The colors I have used are as follows.. Hair:EB1, EB2, BG3 Skin: FS4, FS5, FS6, TN2, TN3, TN4 Dress: HB2, PP6, PP5, PP4, PP3, PP2, PP1 Wings: HB3, HB2, HB1 Flower: CR3, CR4, PP1, blender, LG3, LG4 Background: EB1, EB2, TN1, BG4, BG2, BG1, - Read full post [...]

About Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noir pens are a must-have for any serious crafter who likes their coloring – especially rubber stamping enthusiasts!

The markers are alcohol-based, acid-free and fast drying, which means they won’t bleed.

Spectrum Noir marker pens are available in 168 colors which can be mixed on the surface, or layered over each other for professional blending.

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