The Professional High Quality Coloring System

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Creating Clouds & Grass

Our guest this month, Fiona Robertson, has created her first tutorial to share! She's got great tips for creating clouds and grass. Read on for more: Step 1. I stamped this cute little image from LOTV onto white card. Step 2. I drew with a pencil the shape of the clouds. Step 3. I then went over the pencil lines with IG2. Step 4. I then used IG1 and pulled the color from IG2 away - Read full post [...]

About Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noir is a range of professional coloring tools. The range includes alcohol markers, blendable colored pencils, inks and marker storage, and is perfect for crafters everywhere.

There are a total of 168 alcohol-based, acid-free and fast-drying markers. There are 120 wax-based blendable pencils that are great for using on their own or combined with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. AquaTint inks are intense, concentrated liquid water paints.

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